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Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense has been on a crusade in recent months to pressure retailers and chain stores into banning firearms from their properties. Many of the anti-gun group’s targets — including Chipotle, Starbucks, and Target — have acquiesced to their demands. But Kroger, one of the United States’ largest groceries stores, isn’t bending to the pressure. Connecticut Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley, who has the support of that state’s gun owners is facing a new gun control political action committee which is pumping money into the race. Allied with the Connecticut Against Gun Violence group, the new PAC hopes to counter Foley’s pro-gun supporters by raising money for the state’s anti-gun Governor Daniel Malloy.NO SKILL KILLS; A gun violence victim’s group wants to ban civilian sale of Tracking Point’s precision guided firearms, claiming that hunters would substitute big game shooting skills with conventional scoped rifles for the new high tech rifle system.CBS puts its cameras on the growing interest of women in the shooting sports. The CBS This Morning show aired yesterday and received favorable reviews.Illinois may not honor any other states’ gun permits but 22 states including Indiana will honor an Illinois permit. Illinois won't recognize other states’ permits because they require a 16-hour training course, the longest in the nation. No other state meets those requirements. Illinois was the last state to allow concealed carry due to a court order.


‘No’ Sheriff in Town, Sheriffs Protesting Gun Restrictions, Refuse to Enforce Laws, Standing Up for Citizens

NBC NEWS, August 21, 2014 – With more states passing stronger gun control laws, rural sheriffs across the country are taking their role as defenders of the Constitution to a new level by protesting such restrictions and, in some cases, refusing to enforce the laws. Sheriff Mike Lewis considers himself the last man standing for the people of Wicomico County, Maryland. “State police and highway patrol get their orders from the governor,” the sheriff said. “I get my orders from the citizens in this county.”  [full article]


The Seven Points of Courage

Friday, August 22, 2014 -- Unless you’ve been there…unless you’ve worn it proudly…you would never understand why county Sheriffs or their deputies wear the Seven Points of Courage: Their badge.

Reduced to simplicity, the badge reflects independence. Though standing up for the rule of law, the badge demands common sense standards be used when the oath of law enforcement – To Protect and To Serve – is given.

Because most sheriffs are elected by those they serve rather than appointed by an official, they are often put at odds with legislative edicts. Such is the case with the issue of gun control. In the majority, most sheriffs despise it with many refusing to enforce it. Sheriffs tend to be Constitutionally driven. That document is above all other laws, the supreme law of the land.

The Seven Points of Courage, the badge worn by the traditional deputy, represents several interchangeable things: Honor and Integrity, Respect and Loyalty, Honesty and Judgment, Courtesy and Fairness, Ethics and Knowledge, Character and Selflessness, and last, Fearlessness.

Gathered together, the principles on which this country was founded.

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Ginny Simone Reporting | Shaneen’s Law: Restoring Justice in New Jersey (VIDEO)

NRA NEWS, August 22, 2014 - Shaneen Allen is living a nightmare. The Pennsylvania resident and lawful gun owner of one week fell prey to New Jersey’s strict gun laws and was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm in the state. While the single mother of two young children is facing up to three and a half years in prison, one New Jersey lawmaker is trying to correct this miscarriage of justice. Assemblyman Ron Dancer has introduced “Shaneen’s Law,” legislation that would give judges the option of not sending citizens like Shaneen Allen to prison.  [full article]

Kroger is standing up for its customers in the face of intimidation from a Michael Bloomberg-backed anti-gun group

UNITED LIBERTY.ORG, August 21, 2014 - Since more restrictive gun control measures are a nonstarter in Congress, Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense, an organization supported by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has been on a crusade in recent months to pressure retailers and chain stores into banning firearms from their properties. Many of the anti-gun group’s targets — including Chipotle, Starbucks, and Target — have acquiesced to their demands. But Kroger, one of the United States’ largest groceries stores, isn’t bending to the pressure…  [full article]22Aug14 KrogerStore


While there are still a few states (NY, CT, WASHINGTON, DC, and COOK COUNTY, IL) that do not accept the IWI TAVOR rifle for residents, there are now compliant models of the TAVOR available to residents of CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, MASSACHUSETTS, MARYLAND, and NEW JERSEY. Residents of those states now qualify for the GunProPlus TAVOR giveaway.18June14 TavorCA-Compliant

NEWS/POLITICS: Gun control PAC stands ready to oppose Foley

CT POST.COM, August 21, 2014 - Concerned about Tom Foley's ambiguity over a statewide ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, gun control advocates have set up a political action committee to pump money into the Connecticut governor's race. The emergence of the PAC, an offshoot of Fairfield-based Connecticut Against Gun Violence, comes a week after multiple Second Amendment groups took credit for Foley's victory in the Republican primary over state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.  [full article]22Aug14 ResponsibleGunSign

NEWS/POLITICS: Gun control group wants TrackingPoint rifle sales banned to civilians

GUNS.COM, August 21, 2014 - The National Gun Victims Action Council on Wednesday called publicly for TrackingPoint to ban sales to civilians, saying that only certain groups would buy the rifles. The NGVAC contends that hunters and sportsmen would not buy TrackingPoint’s Precision Guided Firearms, capable of firing aimed rounds out to 1,200 yards with ease through use of its innovative technology, since they would eliminate the need for skill.  [full article]

According to a gun control group, TrackingPoint’s Precision Guided Firearm is likely to only be sold to insurrectionists, terrorists and hate groups .

According to a gun control group, TrackingPoint’s Precision Guided Firearm is likely to only be sold to insurrectionists, terrorists and hate groups .

NEWS/SHOOTING SPORTS: CBS Offers a Shockingly Positive Look at Women and Guns: A ‘Great American Tradition’ (Video)

NEWSBUSTERS, August 21, 2014 - CBS This Morning journalists on Thursday offered something Americans rarely see on network television: A thoroughly positive look at guns and the affinity women have for shooting. Reporter Jan Crawford told viewers that this is "completely removed" from gun violence. She enthused, "These women see their sport as this great American tradition that they hope their daughters and their granddaughters will continue and that others will go out and pick up those guns as well."  [full article] 

NEWS/HOME DEFENSE: NOPD: Robber shot, killed by homeowner in Algiers

WDSU NEW ORLEANS, August 21, 2014 - New Orleans police said a robber was shot and killed by a homeowner in Algiers late Wednesday night. According to a news release from the New Orleans Police Department, a 28-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife were sitting on their backyard patio when a masked gunman approached and demanded money. They say the gunman ordered the couple into the home where three female children, ages 6, 13 and 14, were inside.  [full article]22Aug14 HomicideVideoPic


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"Dangerous and unusual"?
Federal Judge gets it wrong on tactical rifles

Shelby Murdoc, August 21, 2014 --A federal judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Maryland has ruled that semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles are "dangerous and unusual" firearms and, therefore, not protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution or covered by the precedent of the Heller decision.

Gun rights groups brought a case against Maryland’s 2013 assault weapons ban, claiming that semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47 are, in fact, in common use and do not represent any greater danger than any other rifles. They argued that Maryland’s ban was unconstitutional and infringed upon the rights of American gun owners, rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment and recent legal decisions regarding the interpretation that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental individual right and that classes of arms in common use cannot be banned outright. The Heller decision found that firearms in common use and typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes, are protected. [full article]

Lead Cats

Bob Rogers, August 19, 2014 -- Oh, sure, you say. Why not lead cats? Put them on a copper diet. We'd save a lot of birds that way.

"Say wha'?

We don't blame you. We were just as confused when we read a report that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service wants a toll of dead birds recorded for a full year over parts of southern California's Mojave Desert. That's where a massive solar plant, BrightSource Energy, has encountered toasted, roasted, fried, stewed, baked and cremated birds that have flown through the plant's sun rays, have ignited in mid-air, and have puffed into smoke trails called "streamers" at a rate estimated to be about one bird every two minutes. But, who's counting?  [full article]   More Features

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