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How Loud Does Money Talk?

Monday, May 02, 2016 — We couldn’t help but wonder why President Obama only provided cursory comment Friday when he announced his “plans” for reducing gun violence. Lacking specifics and only saying that he ordered three agencies to develop how to institute things such as smart gun technology and address mental health issues, he wants to provide research money for smart gun development such as fingerprinting technology and to use some military and police under his control for testing.

On the surface there’s nothing wrong with that. But it turns out that among the initial suitors being considered for smart gun technology dollars is Beretta. The company is fiercely fighting the competition right now to replace the military’s standard sidearm, a category they’ve held exclusively for decades. And that, too, is okay, except for the sneaking suspicion that chips are likely to be imbedded in any production smart gun that will include GPS locators to monitor private citizen gun owners. Excuse us for being overly suspicious but we’d be willing to bet that such chips are the technical cousin of lost or stolen reportage requirements. In essence, government wants to know who owns your guns, where you live, and are depending on smart gun technology to tell them.

Both the NRA and the NSSF have made pronouncements regarding smart guns. They’ve said they’re not against smart guns, they just don’t want them mandated, i.e., required that smart guns take the place of the mechanical versions we’ve all collected for generations. That’s gun control wrapped in dollar bill packaging and we wonder just which gun makers will fall for the ruse. Will manufacturers be so anxious to test the taste of currency that they’ll eventually supply the marketing of smart guns to replace dumb guns? Just how loud does money talk within the firearms industry?

Making money is the American way but when that includes collusion – known or unknown – with a governmental gun control mentality, we’d rather settle for a large dose of peace and quiet.

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The term "mare's leg" was introduced in 1957 in the TV series Trackdown, where Steve McQueen first appeared as a bounty hunter. Steve McQueen and his "mare's leg" went on to star in the CBS TV series Wanted Dead or Alive. 28Apr16 RRanchHand 800x300

The original Mare’s Leg was made by cutting down a .44-40 caliber Winchester Model 1892 rifle to a size that could be worn in a large leg holster and used with one hand. The barrel was cut down to a length of twelve (or possibly nine) inches (30 cm), and much of the butt-stock was removed. The designer was Kenny “Von Dutch” Howard. McQueen, an experienced hunter and gun collector, was also involved in the final design, suggesting the duck-bill hammer and enlarged lever loop, and initiating a redesign of the custom holster. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was not consulted before the program aired and producers had to pay taxes totaling $1100.

During filming, three guns were made, each with an enlarged loop on the cocking lever. The first gun differed in the size of its lever enlargement, and the third gun bore an octagonal barrel instead of a round one. In a continuity oversight, a gun sometimes changed partway through a given scene. While the guns were chambered for the .44-40 round, McQueen wore more impressive looking .45-70 rounds in the loops of his gun belt.    [Photo and text courtesy - Wikipedia]

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It’s All About Guns: Saying Something, Saying Nothing
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BOB ROGERS | Monday, May 1, 2016 — President Obama made another announcement Friday afternoon April 29 about what he’s doing to “protect our communities from gun violence.” Response from his supporters on Facebook was breathtaking. Here are a few examples:

Thank you Mr President for working towards ensuring that communities get to be safer for every peace loving folk. It’s a good example of what needs to be done by every leader everywhere in the world whose community’s peace is being threatened by gun violence.

Wow, what a phenominal (sic) step to stop Gun violence and accidental deaths... this is great.. Hope everyone gets behind the plan and goes forward!  [full story]

Is It Time To Think What If...?

STEVE COMUS | Monday, May 1, 2016 — Pro-gun folks are forever pointing to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and insisting that it represents a safeguard against government tyranny. As correct as that may be, what if it came to that point?

What does THERE look like? Precisely what does one do at that time and in that place?

People have a penchant to imagine in the abstract and “assume” all kinds of things. But let’s park all generalities and talk turkey, so to speak.

Concerns that involve “slippery slopes” come to mind. Just how far down that slope is too far? Folks talk about gun grabbers “chipping away” at freedoms. Precisely where and when does just another chip become the straw that broke the camel’s back?  [full story]

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