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Friday, July 3, 2015 — Just a word. But it has meaning. Spiritual meaning. Human meaning. It comes and goes every year yet we speak it less and less because, as our country changes, so does our independence.

It’s a shame to see it go, to mention it, like Christmas, only once a year. Millennials disregard it; it’s just a name tag; more I than thee, more we than they. And yet until they grow older the concept is “I wanna” instead of “I shoulda.”

3July15 EagleFlagShifted720x360
If you were lucky, you grew up in a time when if you wanted something, you built something. You paid for it not with cash – there wasn’t much then for The Greatest Generation and the one or two generations that followed – but with sweat, from which the term “sweat equity” was found.

If you were lucky, you went to war and served your country where the rewards were pride and lasting friendships. Those two qualities returned in recent years having been established not in America but in the Middle East by Americans. Hats tipped to those returning; hats were removed in remembrance of those who left their independence buried in the sands of love and effort.

And, always, there was that flag, passing down the street, carried by independent war fighters of all levels of service to be sure that we never forget. Those who went there to preserve its meaning would watch with eyes swelling because they made independence for the rest who were yet to discover why Americans went to war.

The flag is a symbol of which we have many. Here, miles and miles away from the crowds, we celebrate those who went there, those who came home, those who arrived in the arms of their mothers, their wives, their children…some without even the arms no longer attached to the rest of their bodies, those whose “legs” were now wheels. We celebrate them because they brought us continued independence, one nation unto thee.

The “other symbol” – helmet on the rifle butt with its bayonet stabbed into the ground, boots at the barrel and dog tags hanging – represents the independent fury of what we all fought for and for those whose memories are forever etched into the earth.

Our eagle seen on this page and called “an eagle with attitude” by a loyal reader, is another symbol and celebrates our independence, as well.

So once again it is time, not for fireworks – many of us have already seen enough of those – but for what all this represents.

In a word, “Independence.” It’s who we are and, hopefully someday those who recently emerged from the womb, and the kindergarten, and the institutes of higher learning will learn to understand why we fought and still fight to be, regardless of from whence you came but of many colors, of many races and religions and creeds, all Americans.

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Independence Day USA – 5:40 min.

Celebrating The Greatest Nation on Earth, The United States of America, and its Independence that is distributed to each and every American citizen.

July 4th Independence Day Military Tribute – A Walk Through History –  2:01 min.

Blessings to our brave men and women of the military who give so much so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we currently hold so dear.  Michelle London.

The Meaning of Independence Day – 5:42 min.

Dr. Michael Berliner, co-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ayn Rand Institute, former professor of philosophy and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, reminds us of the true meaning of Independence Day.

Ray Charles – America,The Beautiful (LIVE) HD –  7:28 min.

Whitney Houston – Battle Hymn Of The Republic (WHH) – 4:44 min.

 Did we say EXCITING!!!?
Add another word: UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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