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Going Full Auto…Well, Almost

When Slide Fire introduced their so-called bump-fire rifle stock two years ago at SHOT Show Media Day, it was obvious that they had come up with something as close to select fire while acquiring the blessings of the ATF. Rifle shooters have long sought full automatic fire denied to them by regulations. But creative minds never rest, and Slide Fire emerged successful in providing their systems for both ARs and AKs.

Since then, other methods have been devised, most commonly, reduced trigger weight. The Slide Fire performs “auto fire” by having the trigger finger of the user remain in place during recoil. The bumping of the stock pushes the stock forward in “after-recoil” mode which bumps the trigger on the trigger finger causing fast ejection of the initial cartridge case and insertion of the next round from the magazine into battery position and “bump-fired.”

The latest iteration of bump-fire is trigger weight reduction. While there are probably several of those available in the open market or via gunsmiths, one of the latest is from Black Rain Ordnance – its drop-in trigger. Not difficult to explain but, visually, it takes no further explanation.  Watch:


 Black Rain Ordnance Drop in Trigger [BRO DIT]

K2 Solutions “Teaching Dogs to Save Lives”

“With their keen sense of smell, dogs are an ideal companion for military and law enforcement officials looking to sniff out explosives or drugs. At K2 Solutions in North Carolina, handlers train dogs to identify these threats in real-world search scenarios. And as more U.S. troops come home from war, the organization is increasingly training service dogs to help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

High Power Rifle Competition

NRA Action Shooting is open to all individuals who are interested in Action-type courses of fire, which combine speed and accuracy with shooting at multiple targets. The purpose of this page is to give general information on how to get started in the sport of action pistol competition. The information given will answer the most often asked questions that a beginner will have.

S&W M&P10: More Awesome Than You Think

Smith and Wesson often gets it right. Their M&P10 is a case study on how to put together a near perfect, with current technology, .308 carbine/rifle. Weighing just 8 lbs naked, with magazine, the M&P10 feels like a lightweight AR-15. And yet it is chambered in hard hitting, obstacle defeating .308 caliber. It will shred 5.56mm gun in both range and knock down power.

Black Hills Ammo

Out here, Freedom isn’t a state of mind. The land is so vast and open and rugged it makes everything it touches wild. The Black Hills of South Dakota, the place that made the people who make the best ammunition on Earth.

BURRIS: Find What Matters

When Burris says “Find What Matters” we really are talking about more than just what you see through your scope. It’s about finding what matters in life. And this video is all about that.

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Tammy Sronce

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Extreme Risk

SHELBY MURDOC, February 1, 2105 — A new bill introduced in the state House and Senate of Washington would allow a judge to temporarily take away the guns owned by someone who family members or police consider to be at “extreme risk” of violence. California, Connecticut, and Indiana have similar laws already in place.

Current state law has no legal mechanism for family members or police to take action short of an involuntary 14-day commitment. “People will be able to take action before a situation becomes critical and gets out of hand,” Geoff Potter, communications director for Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility said.  [full story]

Demands for Gun Control after Muslims Attack Paris

ALAN KORWIN, January 13, 2015 — The lamestream media told you: Nothing. There were no demands for gun control after the Paris jihad.
The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that: That would be very strange in this country.
American journalists failed to recognize that, unlike the American model, no one in France has called for stricter gun controls, magazine limits or assault-weapon bans after the Muslim jihad in Paris this week.
The usual litany of restrictions and gun-ban bills for civilians, which Americans have come to expect in reaction to mass murders here, were never even mentioned throughout Europe. [full story]


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