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Love Birds and Gun Powder: The Perfect Valentine Mix

Weekend, February 12-13, 2016 — Yes, it’s February and that means all the stores are decorated with Hearts, flowers and boxes of chocolates. Maybe a better surprise might be a gun. Gun? Sure. Why not? If it’s your (or her) first gun there’s some thought that should go into it. But that’s for those who are simply thinking about self-protection rather than recreation or even competition. But why not both? The rise of women wanting to get into shooting as both a recreation and for self-defense has captured the imagination of many who, at first glance, never gave shooting much thought. But recent danger that has sprung up around us in the form of crime and terror has brought many to begin thinking about buying a gun, probably their first.

Often in such cases, the new gun is left in a nightstand drawer, hopefully unloaded, especially if there are kids around, while the new gun owner figures out exactly what to do now. Two things, the first is training. Get involved with instructors. They’re available even through your local gun dealer and in the yellow pages. Beyond learning how to shoot, you might want to then consider extra special training for self-protection and, if you’re competitive, think about competition shooting.

This week we’ll introduce you to a couple, once just that – a couple – but now reportedly a married couple with a child. Cory Jackson and Erika Maxwell have made a name for themselves as stars of home videos made mostly about shooting. While they’ve achieved some measure of fame, some clouds of controversy have surrounded them, as well. But there’s no denying that they can shoot, they can train others, they can shoot competitively and even tactically, as you’ll see in this Valentine’s Day issue of….

Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Competitions-IDPA, 3:31 min.

Working with your firearm at a shooting competition isn’t only a great way to get to know your weapon, it’s also a great way to get to know other shooters. Whether you prefer a pistol or a rifle, shooting on your feet or on a horse, these competitions have something to offer everyone. The Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Competitions series takes you through a variety of matches to help you find an event that’s right for you.

My First IDPA Competition, 5:49 min.

This was my first IDPA competition, I was super nervous but in the end I took 8th place in my division.
I have some improving to do, but I will most certainly be doing more of these.

Run & Gun, 4:09 min.

Out at the range doing run and guns and timed drills.

What I Like To Shoot, 6:42 min.

Just talking about some of my fave guns and future purchases.

Range Time with Cory & Erika – Shooting at Tactical Response, 4:37 min.

The shooting duo takes some training time with the pros.

My Advice for Women – Here’s How I Did It, 3:59 min.

Erika and Cory discuss their thoughts on how women can get into guns for defense and for competition


Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Preview! Shoots Real Arrows at 450fps

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is an air rifle that shoots 350gr arrows at 450fps. The Airbow uses standard 250 spine carbon fiber arrows without nocks. The regulated onboard reservoir provides eight full power shots per 3000psi fill.

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Hope and Change 2.0?

BOB ROGERS | February 1, 2016 — An unabashed gun owner and shooter for president of the United States. How good is that?

Donald Trump, the irascible businessman, entertainer, negotiator, skyscraper builder, casino impresario, concealed carrier, and, now, a candidate for President of the United States...has me worried.

When he announced his run for the presidency last summer, we, like many another punditry scribe and gun owner, conjectured to ourselves and then to friends that Trump might not be our first choice but, if he became the Republican nominee, he’s certainly got my vote.

Then came reality, along with a dozen other candidates to muddy the political waters. Many are gun owners, all are supporters of the Second Amendment, the litmus test for my vote, to be sure. [full story]

The Art of Opining

STEVE COMUS, Feburary 1, 2016 — Opinions are like rear ends. Everybody has at least one. That’s but one of the reasons I look at all opinion polls with a jaundiced eye. I know for a fact that I am being propagandized by the polling. The only questions are: by whom and for what?

Let’s take the case of a recent report from Yale University: “Poll shows Americans are really confused about gun laws.”

The headline is about the only part of that piece with which I agree. All of the other literary garbage in the piece was nothing more than unjustified conclusions that were drawn from disparate sources, cherry picked to support the initial desires of the author(s), etc.

I gladly stipulate that Americans are really confused about gun laws. With tens of thousands of them, how could they not be?  [full story]

Not So Smart

SHELBY MURDOC | February 1, 2016 — So-called smart guns are back in the news, this time with extra oomph provided by the best gun salesman in human history. The man who’s done more to promote gun sales than anyone else ever managed some tears when he spoke about his efforts to control guns. Since elected representatives weren’t passing laws that he liked, he’d make up his own via royal decree. Wait. I mean executive action. And so-called smart guns supposedly usable only by the rightful owner were on his wish list.

“We can set it up so you can’t unlock your phone unless you’ve got the right fingerprint,” President Obama said in early January. “Why can’t we do the same thing for our guns?”

This echoed through the media and across Facebook. Why not, indeed? Everyone is familiar with unlocking phones using a fingerprint, and no one has any issues with that? Why would it be any different for guns? [full story]

Gun Myth Debunked – Armed Citizens Will Cause ‘Blood In The Streets’

ALAN KORWIN | January 28, 2016 — We know morbid gun fear – hoplophobia – drives gun-control advocates to invent mythical gun problems, and use these myths in gun-control campaigns.

These folks need to recognize they have a problem and seek treatment. They don’t. One telltale symptom of hoplophobia is adamant denial. They sublimate their fears into politics where they do immeasurable harm instead of into needed treatment and intervention.

Because these well-meaning folks typically don’t own or use guns, the ideas they dream up or support bear little resemblance to actual problems. They delay our arrival at solutions. [full story]

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