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Our Rights Vs. Their Rights

Monday, April 27, 2015 — If America was Utopia, we’d all agree on just about anything and everything. But, being American, none of us really want that. Americans love choices. Americans love being different. General George S. (you know who he was) plainly said, “Americans love to fight. No dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won the war by making the other dumb bastard die for his country.”

And, thus, the division over gun rights and gun control will forever be the bullseye at the center of America’s most ostentatious political target. The truth is that gun control has lost time and again at the national level because politicians must cater to the majority ideology of their constituents. And they’re never quite sure what part of their constituency is safely within the majority. So we have red states and blue states, with a handful of purple states mixed in. You know who you are. Thanks to the NRA’s efforts and red states’ mindset, we profess for gun rights, often referred to as independence, i.e., self-protection under the law. The blue states’ mindset consists mainly of collectivism: someone else will take care of them because of the law.

Gun control groups, having seen their own weaknesses at the federal level are now trying again at the state level, one state, then another. It surely is a battle but, as the general said, “Americans love the sting of battle.” Carry on.

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SHELBY MURDOC, April 15, 2015 — Last week, President Obama told Dr. Richard Besser of ABC News during an interview that it was “heart-breaking” that more gun control had not been passed. “What we’ve done is to try to do as much as we could administratively to tighten up how background checks are run, to go after illegal drug runners,” he said during a sit-down interview at Howard University. “But I will tell you that trying to get something through Congress has proven to be very difficult. And it’s heart-breaking.”

The president insisted that he hasn’t given up on gun control. This may be a shocker to those who have been pooh-poohed over the years for fearing that Obama wanted to increase gun control.  [full story]

The Gun Store

BOB ROGERS, April 15, 2015 — You’ve thought about this for a long time: buying your first gun. Nervously, you approach the front door that leads into the whole new world of guns. Timidly, you look around and see walls racked with rifles and shotguns, many of which you don’t recognize as the ones like those your father used for hunting.

Welcome to Gun Ed 101, 2015. It can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’re a sophisticated looking female. Glass cases full of handguns. You recognize the revolvers. They’ve been around a long time but you know that change has taken place when the revolvers carried by cops when you were growing up are not the same as the guns cops carry these days. [full story]


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