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D.C.’s Gun Laws Take Another Hit in Handgun Carry Ruling

AOL.COM, July 28, 2014 – District Judge Frederick Scullin reached the same conclusion many other district courts have reached in similar cases: “The Second Amendment secures an individual right … to carry a common weapon outside the home for self-defense.” The ruling bars D.C. officials from enforcing the public gun ban until they construct licensing regulations. It’s the second major reversal D.C.’s strict gun laws have seen in recent years. [full article]


Gura's Guns

Monday, July 28, 2014 -- Repeal appeal. That’s the strategy of the gun control lobby outraged over a federal judge’s ruling that concealed carry or anything otherwise in Washington, D.C. is constitutional. You know, guaranteed by the constitution. And, thus, charged D.C.’s gun restrictions anywhere outside the home as unconstitutional.

Legal guru, Alan Gura (we note that some reports misspelled his last name, Alan Gura as Alan Guru), the sharp-eyed gun-rights barrister who guided Heller v. D.C. in the 2008 landmark SCOTUS case, was again at the helm which resulted in this unexpected past weekend’s decision. Gura was also a part of the 2010 McDonald v. Chicago pro-gun victory so, and we’re counting here in case anybody asks, he’s three for three.

Despite logic, gun control lobbyists continue to flaunt the 2A hoping to bend it to their will of, if not total civilian disarmament, at least burdened with so many regulations that skirt the constitution will at least hinder it impotent.

Gura’s on the bridge. A salute is in order.

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DC Attorney General plans to seek a stay after judge rules DC gun control law is unconstitutional (VIDEO)

FOX NEWS DC, July 27, 2014 - The office of the Attorney General of DC issued a statement today saying they will ask for a stay of a judge's ruling on gun rights so they can keep citizens from carrying handguns in public, while they decide if they are going to appeal the judge’s decision.  [full article] 

NEWS/OPINION: No, Gun Violence Is Not a ‘Public Health’ Issue

FORBES, July 28, 2014 - Like many physicians, I’ve seen numerous unfortunate gun-related injuries and deaths over the years. I understand the perspective of fellow physicians who are appalled by gun violence. After the 2012 Sandy Hook murders, ER physician Dr. David Newman wrote a moving piece for the New York Times entitled, “At the ER, Bearing Witness to Gun Violence.” He recounted tragic tales of innocent children injured by firearms. He called gun violence an “American epidemic” that posed a “threat to public health.” Dr. Newman also declared, “I have sworn an oath to heal and to protect humans. Guns, invented to maim and destroy, are my natural enemy.”  [full article] 

Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver, also known as the “Chief’s Special”. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons.)

Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolver, also known as the “Chief’s Special”. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons.)


While there are still a few states (NY, CT, WASHINGTON, DC, and COOK COUNTY, IL) that do not accept the IWI TAVOR rifle for residents, there are now compliant models of the TAVOR available to residents of CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, MASSACHUSETTS, MARYLAND, and NEW JERSEY. Residents of those states now qualify for the GunProPlus TAVOR giveaway.18June14 TavorCA-Compliant

Hospital Shooting: A Blow to Gun Control Advocates

LIBERTY VOICE.COM, July 27, 2014 - The Associated Press reported that on Thursday, Richard Plotts, 49, kept an appointment with his psychiatrist, Dr. Lee Silverman, at a psychiatric crisis center across from Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, PA. Plotts was accompanied by Theresa Hunt, 53, of Philadelphia who was a case worker for Dr. Silverman. Accounts from police revealed that once Plotts and Hunt arrived at Silverman’s office, he allegedly shot and killed Hunt after an argument with Silverman ensued. Plotts then turned the gun towards Silverman which prompted him to draw his firearm and defend himself.  [full article]  28July14 HospitalShooting

NEWS/OPINION: NBC uses unqualified psychiatric ‘experts’ to disparage gun defense

EXAMINER.COM, July 28, 2014 - A recent real-world defensive gun use, something Moms Demand Action insists “never happens,” has “legitimate news media/real reporters” scrambling to play it down. Psychiatrist “Lee Silverman defied company policy ... walked right past ‘no guns’ signs,” and ended up using his gun to stop a crazed armed assailant.” “Psychiatrists with Guns Likely More 'Harmful Than Helpful': Experts,” a Friday hit piece masked as an objective reportby NBC “News” declared in response.  [full article]

Relying on the wholly unqualified for ‘expert opinions” to justify citizen disarmament is just plain crazy. So predictably, NBC News does just that. Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Relying on the wholly unqualified for ‘expert opinions” to justify citizen disarmament is just plain crazy. So predictably, NBC News does just that. Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images


NEWS/SELF PROTECTION: Mom shoots at burglar trying to steal her car (VIDEO)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM), July 27, 2014 - A Columbus woman catches a man trying to steal her car and fires back literally. Diane Olearnick says she was just trying to protect what was hers when a burglar tried to steal her car after breaking into her home the day before. Olearnick says she told the burglar that she had a gun and demanded him to stop, but he continued backing out of her drive way. "[I] grabbed my gun, ran downstairs and ran out the front door and met him as he was backing out. So, I started firing," Olearnick explains, completely emptying the magazine in the Jeep and scaring the robber out through the passenger seat and running down the street. It's an experience Olearnick says she hopes raises awareness for crimes like this.  [full article] 28July14 MomShootsVideo

NEWS/HOME DEFENSE: Police: Teen burglar shot by resident (VIDEO)

WSB-TV, July 27, 2014  CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Three teens are under arrest and a fourth is in the hospital after police say a resident fought back during an attempted robbery. Clayton County police say the four teens tried to rob a resident inside the Laurel Park Apartments on Highway 85 around 3 a.m. The man shot one of the teens and the other three ran off, police said. The resident called police, who tracked down all four, taking three into custody and sending one to the hospital.  [full article] 

Gun makers’ exodus benefits Tennessee
Franco Gussalli Beretta, right, a director of Beretta USA, and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam applaud during the January 2014 announcement of a new firearms plant being built in the state. (Photo: Erik Schelzig, AP)

Franco Gussalli Beretta, right, a director of Beretta USA, and Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam applaud during the January 2014 announcement of a new firearms plant being built in the state. (Photo: Erik Schelzig, AP)

USA TODAY July 27, 2014 - NASHVILLE — For more than a century, the stretch of New England along the Connecticut River has been known as "Gun Valley" for its heavy concentration of firearms manufacturers. Today, though, communities stretching from Massachusetts to New York are rapidly losing much of that lucrative manufacturing base, in part because increased gun control legislation — prompted most recently by the Newtown, Conn., school shooting — has put the region's firearms industry in the crosshairs. [full article]

NEWS/MILITARY: Marine’s New Sea Beast: Amphibious Assault Vehicle (VIDEO)

BUSINESSWEEK July 28, 2014 -  The U.S Marine Corps are testing a new vehicle, dubbed the UHAC or "Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector." It is designed to transport troops and their equipment from ship to shore. The UHAC could be used in the event of an invasion by sea but would also aid in day-to-day missions. [full article]28July14 USMarineUHAC

NEWS/LE: GPP NEWS: Guns OK inside Mississippi polling places, attorney general says

MISSISSIPPI BUSINESS JOURNAL July 25, 2014 - The trend among gun fanatics of openly carrying assault weapons and other firearms into stores and restaurants could spread to polling places around Mississippi in November. The key here is that gun owners must wear the weapon so it is visible to everyone, says Attorney General Jim Hood, who this week replied in the affirmative to a query on guns in the voting booth.  [full article]

NEWS/LE: FBI Issues Pre-Solicitation for COTS 9MM Pistols

SOLDIER SYSTEMS DAILY.COM,  July 28th, 2014 - While the US Army continues to make noise about adopting a new cartridge to replace the current NATO-standard 9mm caliber, Law Enforcement agencies across the country are migrating back to the round. Now, arguably the most respected LE agency in America, if not the world, the Federal Bureau of investigation is making good on their quest to transition from .40 to 9mm by taking the first step to purchase new weapons by issuing a Pre-Solicitation for Commercial Off The Shelf pistols. Although referred to as a Pre-Solicitation, it serves the same purpose as a Sources Sought Notice you’d see from DoD. This is a huge opportunity for the firearms industry. Not only with FBI but the entire LE community in America. Where the Bureau goes, so goes everyone else.  28July14 ArmyShootingLine

Specifically, they are seeking:
Various commercial “OFF THE SHELF” semi-automatic pistols chambered to fire a 9mm Luger cartridge as defined by SAAMI.

The following types of pistols, chambered to fire a 9mm Luger cartridge, may be requested for testing and evaluation purposes under a future solicitation:
Class One Pistol: barrel length between 3.75″ and 4.25″; with a minimum magazine capacity of 13 rounds.
Class Two Pistol: barrel length between 4.5″ and 5.5″; with a minimum magazine capacity of 15 rounds.
Class One Training Pistol (Red Handle): deactivated with full articulation, red receiver and slide, night sights.
Class One “Man Marking” (a.k.a., “Simunitions”) pistol: blue slide or slide with blue inserts. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation anticipates the release of a solicitation during FY2015/Q1; distributed solely through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) Website.
The anticipated maximum, not to exceed, contract threshold is $100M for a twelve month base period and nine (9) possible additional one-year options.
Being much smaller than Defense (and much more fragmented) Justice along with the multitude of other agencies charged with law enforcement have been able to buy pretty much whatever they want over the years. For many, this has meant the .40 S&W caliber. It was developed about 25 years ago and is an outgrowth of the FBI’s interest in the 10mm cartridge but in a package that could be retrofitted to existing 9mm handgun frames. But now, with decades of data on the effects of the .40 cartridge and its toll on handguns themselves. Rumors have been swirling for some time that they were moving back toward 9mm and this Sources Sought Notice is a step in that direction.

I’m not even going to get into the myriad reasons that the Department of Defense won’t adopt a new caliber for its sidearm but instead will point to the ill-fated Individual Carbine program which was open to new calibers. In the end, only standard 5.56mm NATO guns were down selected and even then, no weapons were capable of completing the trials which were ended early. You want a new caliber? Do the science. The Army hasn’t. Instead, they’ve set industry up for another fall in their open caliber Modular Handgun System program.

It would be prudent to keep an eye on what the Bureau is up to, and why. They rely on their handgun as primary weapon system and look to be willing to trust the lives of their agents with the 9mm caliber. Granted, they’re not shooting M882 Ball, and therein lies the rub. Regardless of handgun caliber, Full Metal Jacket ammunition doesn’t take full advantage of the latest in ammunition technology. DoD needs to consider that as well.

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What They Don't Tell You About Guns

Steve Comus, July 28, 2014 — I did a double take when I spotted a piece at BEFORE ITS NEWS.COM, July 22, 2014 that reported: "According to recently published data compiled by the Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans who have a gun in their home are white conservative republican males living in rural environments with children under the age of 18."

My first reaction was that this was another effort to characterize gun owners as beer-swilling, low-life Goobers. The actual findings of even this data reflect that gun owners are the cultural core of American society. [full article]

Pawn Shops. No, Not Those Pawn Shops

Bob Rogers, July 23, 2014 — Guns. Pawns in the game of political chess. The most numerous pieces in the game.

Without pawns, there would be no "pawn makers." Without pawns, there would be no reason to have other players — anti-pawns, if you will — to campaign for "pawn control."

There are, I don’t know (nor does anyone else, actually), 280 million guns in the U.S. Just a number. If you don’t like that number, use your own.

But without 280m guns, gun makers would, like chess pawns, be the weakest link in the chain. Or the game. [full article]  More Features

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