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The Public Disconnect Over More Gun Laws: Fear Reigns

Monday, July 25, 2016 — The latest public poll on guns may be the most accurate perception of the realities of controlling guns in America. The AP/Gfk poll finds that slightly less than two-thirds of poll respondents support stricter gun laws. What the poll didn’t do – as we wish this and all other polls would do – is measure the motive behind the answers: the “why.” The very basic causality of a response is a better key to understanding the results. Polls are interested in numbers, not inspiration. Instead, pollsters leave the reasoning for answers up to speculation. So here goes…

Nearly everyone agrees that there are roughly a bit over one hundred million guns among the three hundred million American population. There’s your 1/3rd vs. 2/3rd poll equation. The two-third majority Americans most accurately reported as living in urban conclaves do not own guns and are largely dependent on public protection; the one-third minority who live in suburban and rural areas tend to be heavily armed and independent. The result: the unarmed population believe what they read and what they hear and therefore fear for their safety in a system universally constricted to after-the-fact resolution: the cops don’t arrive until the crime has been committed. The urbanites are thus victimized by the media lie of less guns equal less crime and, where you live – such as apartments, condominiums, gated communities, and other communed conclaves – becomes a buffer that keeps crime from happening at home. But, away from home, those inhabitants become terrified statistics without personal protection and with post-criminal susceptibility: carjackings, robberies, rapes, attacks, and mass shootings at malls, café zones, schools, and other public gathering places.

Their only recourse, then, is to believe the news, and the “news” media plays to that audience using fear as a sales motive for things – like guns – that they – the media – don’t understand. In their minds, more background checks are better than some background checks; restricting specific guns such as semi-auto pistols and rifles, the latter being the most obvious “target” of a frightened gun- misinformed public, forming the inauguration of a permanent solution. If the dependent public were asked, “Do you want more gun background checks,” the answer would likely be “yes” because, if they don’t own a gun, “yes” is a no-brainer and suggests multi-coveted safety even if not personally impactful. Ask them if they want more taxes and the answer would likely be “no” because taxes will definitely affect them.

Media consistently uses the NRA as their go-to boogyman; it is easier to make a body politic susceptible to criticism than to accept culpability as a “don’t blame the messenger” partner in the public fear application. Lately, media has colluded with gun control groups to include the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) as the hated “gun lobby,” that latter phrase as the reincarnation of an organization opposed to gun safety. And that’s because the gun haters have failed continuously with their various campaigns to either eliminate or at least restrict guns of any sort from the public consciousness. Keeping the public afraid of guns is the media’s version of a Sermon On The Mount of public service, and any opposition to the contrary becomes grounds for political castigation, as we will all see this week as the Democratic National (Media) Convention gets underway.

More on this controversial element of controlling AR rifles can be found in CUSTOM CONTENT.

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Assaulting Criminals and Terrorists

BOB ROGERS | Monday, July 25, 2016 — Thus far it’s been an undeclared war. We know you know, but here it is again as a reminder of our ticking clock future: San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas, Baton Rouge. There’s more, of course. The idiots of turning-the-other-cheek mentality have yet to figure out that the American public is being assaulted by radical-thought enemies of peace and working for a living. And we are surrounded by equally ignorant supporters of public disarmament. So we have a notion that probably won’t please everyone in the gun rights community, especially those who we have called close friends since the early 1960’s; Wow! Over a half century ago. And most of them are way younger than me. [read more]

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SHELBY MURDOC | Monday, July 18, 2016 — While everyone’s attention is on police shootings of black men, sniper ambushes of Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers, and assault trucks in France, if they can be diverted from their Pokémon Go for a minute or two, it’s worth following up on last month’s top story. The killing of 49 people in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., had a huge effect on the gay community and on LGBT issues in the nation, and it’s been used repeatedly as a reason to increase gun control.

I wrote last month that it didn’t actually sound like Omar Mateen was particularly interested in the gay community or LGBT issues, though. Despite sensationalized reporting casting the story as one of an intolerant religious man who took his hatred for gays and turned it to mass murder, nothing that Mateen said during the crime sounded as if he cared whether or not his victims were gay. [read more]

People With Guns Don’t Kill People, Criminals With Guns Kill People!

ALAN KORWIN | July 15, 2016 —  Liberal and progressive gun controllers aren’t afraid of criminals with guns. They’re afraid of honest people with guns. They’re afraid of you. And your gun.

Just look at the laws Hillary, Bernie and Obama are pressing their minions to support—laws that would limit, restrict and disarm the public, the average gun-owning American. New taxes to make arms cost more, letting police have more and better ammo than you can have (to fight off the same bad guys), make non-criminals liable for criminals’ actions, arbitrary lists of people not charged with anything who can have their guns taken away. These aren’t anti-crime laws, they’re anti-you laws.

That’s why liberals like so-called “gun-free” zones. It keeps you out. Discrimination is fine, if it stops your civil right to arms, because they fear your kind. [read more]

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