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Beretta Moving to Tennessee Over Maryland Gun Laws

 ABC NEWS July 23, 2014  ACCOKEEK, Md. (WJLA) — Gun manufacturing giant Beretta announced Tuesday it will move its entire manufacturing operations to a new plant in Tennessee in protest of efforts by Maryland lawmakers to strengthen gun laws. Beretta currently employs hundreds of workers at the company’s facilities in Accokeek, including the corporate headquarters – which it said would remain there. The company tells ABC 7 News a total of 160 manufacturing jobs will be moved from Maryland to Tennessee. After 40 years of making guns in Maryland, Baretta hopes to open its new manufacturing plant in Gallatin, Tenn. by mid-2015.  [full article]


Gun Bust

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 -- Anti-gun Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley proudly polished his Democrat bono fides badge when he signed into law last year a so-called gun control bill that bans ARs, limits mag capacity and, among other things, outlaws “assault pistols.”

The shootout at the O’Malley Corral will see Beretta packing up the Mayflower van for a trip to another state. Lost jobs, lost revenue (soon to be picked up by already overburdened Maryland taxpayers) and lost prestige, are among other victims.

While most Beretta employees will now be forced out of work and other local businesses scrambling to replace lost income attributable to Beretta, the company says that management will remain in Accoteek, where they’ve lived for much of Beretta’s 40 years there.

Seems somewhat unfair that the suits don’t have to sell homes and sign up for unemployment benefits or move to Tennessee where that state’s pro-gun governor Bill Haslam will gleefully add Beretta to the list of other gun-related companies that have deserted the anti-gun northeast.

So O’Malley won.  What?

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Neighbor saves man being attacked by three dogs

TMJ4 9 (MILWAUKEE, WI), July 21, 2014 - WASHINGTON COUNTY - A man was severely injured in a gruesome dog attack in Washington County.  It was a stranger who jumped in to help save his life. The victim was walking his dog when three Pit Bulls escaped from a backyard in Hubertus and charged at him. Dennis Williams lives nearby, and heard the screams for help. He looked out his window and saw the vicious attack. Williams rushed to action, first with a baseball bat, and then with a gun. He fired the weapon, [full article] 

Great Lakes Tactical’s Glock Giggle Switch (VIDEO)

THE FIREARM BLOG, July 22, 2014 - I had the chance to visit with some of the good folks at Great Lakes Tactical (GLT) last week.  Based in the Cleveland, OH area, GLT manufactures a variety of suppressors, AR parts and Glock goodies. One of the things they brought to the range was a G19 equipped with a proprietary giggle switch.  The switch allows the shooter to swap from semi-auto fire to full auto with a cross-bolt type switch.  Full auto can quickly overwhelm the shooter, but three to five round bursts can be managed easily with a good grip and stance.  [full article] 

Officer deaths jump nearly one-third in first half of 2014

POLICE ONE.COM/LA TIMES, July 22, 2014 - The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty nationwide jumped 31% in the first half of 2014 with California leading the nation with eight deaths, data shows.  [full article]

Deadly home invasion in Carrick reported near set of Hollywood film (VIDEO)

CARRICK, Pa. — Pittsburgh police said a 19-year-old man shot two others who forced their way into his Carrick apartment early Tuesday morning, killing one of them. Investigators haven't identified the Merritt Avenue resident who shot the suspects about 2:20 a.m. Tuesday. Authorities said the suspects fired a shot through the apartment door and entered, accosting the man and a 17-year-old female who also lived there. According to police, the suspects demanded his belongings as they forced the male resident into the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, the resident picked up a shotgun and fired three times, killing one of the suspects and wounding the other, police said.  [full article]

Arizona Couple Both Grab Guns to Fight Off Home Invader

GUNSSAVELIVES.COM, July 22, 2014 PEORIA, AZ - A suspect who broke into a Peoria, AZ home chose the wrong victims. When the suspect made noise moving around the home, Alexis Allred woke her boyfriend and grabbed her pistol. Her boyfriend, Matt Lucking, a firefighter and rodeo competitor, grabbed the shotgun that is kept by their bed and racked the slide. Right after the suspect heard the sound of the shotgun, he apparently fired his own gun in the guest bedroom out of fear. The suspect then ran from the home with Lucking in pursuit.  [full article] 23July14 VideoAZCouple

Grandmother shoots burglary suspect (VIDEO)

FOX10TV MOBILE, AL July 22, 2014 - A 63-year-old grandmother spoke exclusively to FOX10 News after shooting a suspected burglar in her living room. The terrifying ordeal happened Friday on Thorr Avenue in Prichard. Phyliss Law says this is the second time she’s been burglarized. She said during the last incident she had jewelry and electronics stolen. “We heard this crackling… Like wood popping and stuff. I said oh my god. He trying to come in. So I backed up to my room and got my gun and got my extra clip,” Law said. She was hoping the suspect would go away. Instead, Law said he came closer.  [full article] 

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Ratcheting it Up a Notch

Shelby Murdoc, July 8, 2014 -- 2012. Spartansburg, South Carolina. The local Waffle House. If that’s not Everyday America, nowhere is.

Things were normal in that Everyday America Waffle House until two men entered the place and demanded money. Not only the Waffle House cash in the register and from the safe, but from the patrons as well. Dante Williams and Jawan Craig were armed with guns and demanded that everyone get on the floor and turn over money, jewelry, cell phones, and anything else of value.

That was a bold step. It’s one thing to knock over a Waffle House or a Seven Eleven or a gas station for some quick cash. You point a gun, someone gives you the money from the till, and you flee. As a criminal looking for a fast score, this plan has a lot of advantages. First, no one is losing anything personal. It’s company money. The poor person behind the register that you’re pointing a gun at is probably just an employee and exactly not ready to die in defense of a few hundred dollars of her boss’s money. Secondly, it’s over in a few moments. Probably before almost anyone else even knows what’s going on. Finally, whoever else happens to be in Everyday America at the wrong place at the wrong time doesn’t have any skin in the game. They’re mere spectators. No one’s pointing a gun at them. No one’s taking their stuff.  [full article]


Ammunition Bill a Travesty

SB 53 Would Mandate a Permit to Purchase Ammunition in State

          Jim Matthews (, June 30, 2014  – We are guilty until proven innocent.
          That is the basic premise of a new law working its way through the legislature in Sacramento – SB 53.
          This bill would require that everyone who buys ammunition purchase an "ammunition purchasing permit" ($50 initially with a $14 fee every two years after the initial fee) and become part of a registry of ammunition buyers. The permit would require a thumbprint and background check to make sure you’re not on the list of people who are prohibited from possessing firearms.
          Ironically, this bill was co-authored last year by Leland Yee, the Democrat legislator who has been jailed on corruption, bribery and – wait for it – weapons charges. The principal author is Kevin De Leon, another anti-gun crusader. The bill was pulled out of the suspense file and polished up for another run at passage this year.  [full article]   More Features

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