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GUNS: National Reciprocity Could Pass Only If Senate Acts Fast


November 11, 2018 (GUNPROPLUS)  By Jeff Fletcher

The U.S. Senate could gift wrap the NRA’s top legislative priority measure – Gun Reciprocity – but only if it does so sometime during the next two weeks.

The Republican House passed H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, last year and sent it on to the Senate but Majority leader Mitch McConnell has yet to schedule the bill for a vote. The Senate has targeted this coming Friday December 14 for the Christmas holiday adjournment. However, keeping Senate members in session might depend on today’s meeting between President Trump and Senator Chuck Schumer and House Rep. Nancy Pelosi. That meeting is scheduled to take up Trump’s border wall funding. The president wants about $5 billion while Pelosi plans to offer only $1.3 billion. If Trump can’t get what he wants, he has threatened to close down the government and such a move might cause both the Senate and the House to remain in session for at least another week or more until the 116th Congress gets seated on January 3.

So what happens to the reciprocity bill if it doesn’t get a Senate vote this month? Because it has already passed the House, McConnell can still have the Republican majority Senate vote on it next year but because the measure requires a 60-vote majority to pass and Republicans have only 57 seats under their Senate control, they’d need at least 3 votes from Democratic senators for the bill to be affirmed and Schumer can be expected to disallow any member from his side of the aisle to even consider voting for it.

Further complications can be expected when the political establishment begins ramping up in 2019 for the 2020 national election. That effort could sweep aside any further consideration for the reciprocity bill for about the next 18 months or more after which time it will languish in a timeless political purgatory.

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The First and Second Amendment Crossovers

Steve Comus

Under the guise of trying to sort out mental misfits during the concealed carry permitting process, a couple of elected jokers in New York are tugging at gun owners’ electronic leashes while trampling over both First and Second Amendment rights.

What these clowns propose is Constitutionally laughable, especially since they are so obviously nothing more than pawns in a much larger threat to freedom, which is to stifle free speech and expression. The controllers want it all. They want to dictate who can do what, when and where it can be done and ultimately what society thinks about controversial subjects. It is about mind control.

In an Op-Ed in “Kings County Politics” by Joel Anabilah, the plan was outlined: “Recently, State Senator Kevin Parker and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams released a draft of gun legislation that would require concealed carry permit applicants to submit social media passwords as part of the vetting process. It is supposed to help authorities evaluate the mental health of the people applying for CCW permits.” [read more]

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