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Wild Police Chases: When The Adrenalin Starts Pumping

Weekend, February 18-19, 2017 — Screaming Code 3 down a curvy two lane mountain road is fun at first but recklessly careening from a steep rocky buttress on one side to the edge of extinction via a 100-foot drop on the other can be a bit more than just exciting. But that’s the feeling that was running blood-fast through our veins during a high speed run 15 miles out from the site of downtown riot where fellow SOs had put out an emergency 11-98. As that scenario plays out many times and you still recall those days, it brings back memories some of which you’d like to forget. That’s the script for police work and it can go from an adrenalin rush to total boredom in most duty stations.

Where else, though, than in L.A. can you find so many wild police chases?  With its multiple complex freeway system intertwining with neighborhood side streets a chase can either be what you serve for or just another excuse to tear up the taxpayers’ equipment. Officer-in-pursuit calls come complete with ‘you never know how it’s going to turn out’ sequences and, while you try to prepare for anything and everything, the end result can either be just recoverable property damage for insurance adjusters or a request for an ambulance or, worse, a coroner.

Police have been under a cloud of disrespect over the past two or three years and while some incidents with public protests or those involving a suspected felony have resulted in keeping the damage to a minimum, far too many LEOs have died at the hands of sniping killers, or an ambush, a price to big to pay for public service.  With police work there’s always danger involved and cops do their best, especially in heavily populated areas, to keep a felony chase from harming innocent bystanders. This weekend, we’ve selected a few examples that might put you in the seat of a police cruiser to help experience just a few of the crucial efforts LEOs go through to protect and serve at this edition of…

Wild Police Chases 14:37 min.

Police chase a stolen van in South Los Angeles, California. The suspect crashes into a multiple cars during the dangerous pursuit including a LAPD patrol car. The suspect jumps out and runs after spike strips disable the white cargo van.

Dramatic Police Chase Shootout 3:24 min.

The Seattle Police Department has released video of a dramatic police chase involving a carjacker.
During the chase the suspect fired multiple shots at the pursuing officers. Eventually, the police succeeded in stopping the suspect’s vehicle, however when he tried to get away again officers fired, killing him.

Deadly Shootout Caught On Tape RAW FOOTAGE 6:02 min.

At speeds up to 120 mph, Montana HP pursue a suspect in a deadly shoot.

The Police Pit Maneuver 2:31 min.

Fleeing suspect tries to out-maneuver the police maneuver.

Pointblank Shootout Between Cops And Lawless Teens! 6:00 min.

Officers in rural Georgia get more than they bargained for when they try to stop a pickup full of speeding teenagers.Without warning the teens open fire, triggering a furious pointblank shootout!

Dashcam video of wild police chase in N.J.

Police dashcam footage shows a car chase in New Jersey that spanned 3 highways.

SHOCKING ENDING: Police Chase in Los Angeles, CA (FNN) 11:59 min.

High speed chase in L.A. ends with crashes and injuries

Pickup driver ends high-speed chase through park 1:17 min.

Citizen takes over for cops in putting a halt to dangerous driver

Wild 18 Wheeler Police Chase 3:43 min.

Making way for the big rig until the monster loses its muscle

And Then There’s This: Police Compilation 16:47 min.

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Trying to Make Everyone Gun Crazy

SHELBY MURDOC | February 15, 2017 — President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have not been wasting any time trying to un-do some of the damage done during the Obama administration. Using the Congressional Review Act, which allows for a fast-track repeal of regulations by a simple majority, agency rules can be voided and the agency is barred from implementing a new regulation that is “substantially the same.”

One of the most significant repeals so far has been the cancellation of a regulation that barred Social Security recipients who could not manage their own financial affairs from owning firearms. The Social Security Administration rule required the forwarding of names of those recipients who needed a representative to manage their finances to the criminal background check system. About 75,000 Social Security recipients were expected to meet the criteria and be subject to what the National Rifle Association called a “back-door gun grab.” [read more]

Stretching the Range for Long Range Shooting

STEVE COMUS | February 1, 2017 — Technology and the manufacturing advances it affords are changing the face of Gundom. It is now routine to be able to produce extremely accurate rifles that shoot extremely effective bullets. That’s great. As this evolutionary process goes forward, we are faced with reevaluating a few things. Specifically long-range hunting. There is long-range shooting and then there is long-range hunting. They are decidedly different in many respects.  [read more]

We Can’t Say We Weren’t Warned

BOB ROGERS | February 1, 2017 — San Bernardino may come back to haunt us. The result was not just 14 innocents killed and two jihadists eliminated. The aftermath became a tornado of new gun restrictions that wouldn’t have stopped the terrorists anyway, and would only make life more difficult for honest, responsible California gun owners.

What the attack did was to implant in the minds of the unarmed that next time—and there’s always a next time—they might be part of an inclusive target and the only way to food and comfort is to accept what other equally uninformed people who write laws condemning self-protection say will let them sleep better at night.  [read more]

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