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October issue: Poaching Rhinos, Marco Polo Sheep Hunt,
The Trevor Casper Story, 2 Mile Long Range Shooting

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AMERICA’S FIRST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) October 19, 2017 – What do you do when your gun-ban group becomes so persistent in pushing restrictive laws for law-abiding gun owners that more and more people begin to realize where you really stand on gun ownership? 


RENO NEWS REVIEW.COM October 19, 2017 – Sage Leehey was not sure where the bullets were coming from at the Route 91 Harvest country-music festival in Las Vegas. Actually, she wasn’t initially certain they were bullets. 


DAILY REPUBLIC.COM October 19, 2017 – Having enacted so many new gun laws last year, state legislators were hard put to find new restrictions to pass this year. Only a handful of relatively minor new gun laws were passed and signed. One of them…


NEWSBUSTERS.COM October 18, 2017 – Hollywood, the same corrupt place that let sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein run amok for three decades, is here to tell you that the NRA is evil.



FIVE THIRTY EIGHT.COM October 18, 2017 – The idea that events should change policy is appealing. After each incident of gun violence in the U.S., someone retells Australia’s story. Twelve days after a mass shooting there in 1996, the legislature took up anti-gun measures, including…


AMERICA’S 1ST FREEDOM.ORG October 18, 2017 – Have you noticed that all the hot takes about the supposed need for more gun control have something in common? Whether it’s a call to limit gun ownership to two firearms or a desire to ban firearms completely, America’s anti-gun…


THE HILL.COM October 18, 2017 – There is no valid rationalization or excuse for not having gun control. That leaves just one reason for a congressman or senator to reject gun control — fear of the electoral power of the NRA. 



THE HILL.COM – October 18, 2017 – Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) is urging his colleagues to stay away from gun control in the budget debate despite pressure from activist groups that argue the party needs to take a stand given the string of mass…


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AWB and The Politics of Gun Control

BOB ROGERS | Monday, October 16, 2017 - California’s governor has just put school kids in extreme danger. He’s taken away the guns of teachers and school administrators in five state school districts who had been given permission by state educational authorities to carry concealed guns to protect their students. All those staff members had been authorized to carry after completing training courses. California has become so immured in its liberal politics that its Democrat majority officeholders can’t see beyond the smoke-filled skies of its gun control firestorms. Passing one gun control bill after another will someday come back to haunt them, which is exactly the outcome that torched Democrats when, during the Clinton presidency, their big prize then was the infamous assault weapons ban (AWB) that eventually cost Democrats control of the House and the White House. [read more]

To Bump Or Not To Bump

SHELBY MURDOC | October 13, 2017 — In the aftermath of the horrific attack in Las Vegas, the outcry is, of course, for someone to DO SOMETHING. Something that will prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again. Something that will keep everyone safe. Something that will make everyone feel better.

Most of the clamor, predictably, is unrealistic and—even more predictably—unconstitutional. One of the more common themes is the call for a ban on the so-called “bump fire stocks” that almost no one in the country had heard of a month ago but are now an existential threat to our very society. [read more]

In a Target-rich Editorial Environment Guns Are On The Winning Side

STEVE COMUS | September 26, 2017 — At many trapshooting tournaments around the country, it is common to play the national anthems of the United States and Canada before the shooting begins. All shooters stand for both. U.S. citizen shooters also put their hands over their hearts or deliver a hand salute when the U.S. national anthem is played. Shooters from both countries respect the musical symbol, not just of their own country, but also of the other.

That is not the way it is in all competitive arenas these days, to say nothing of fake news and society at large. Contempt, lies and deceit vs. honesty, respect and responsibility. The gun culture is on the winning side, now and forever. It is the difference between real and virtual. [read more]

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