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Bowhunting Coyotes


BOWHUNTING.COM  From the Archives – Want something to keep your senses razor-sharp in the off-season, something to test your skills as a hunter? Well, look no further than coyote hunting. If you think the task is easy, you’re only kidding yourself. Without a doubt, these predators are some of the most difficult to kill (especially with a bow), but trust me it can be done. Here’s how.

Scouting  — Whether you’re chasing whitetails, turkeys or coyotes, there is simply no substitute for scouting.  “Scouting” for coyotes sounds fairly difficult and more like an easy way to empty a gas tank without reward than anything else. However, it will most definitely make your hunting time more successful when chasing these elusive creatures. Unlike scouting for deer, turkeys or birds you typically aren’t looking for the actual animal when coyotes are the target.

Spotting an evasive coyote is a plus, but there are a multitude of other things to look for that will help improve your hunt. Depending on where you are planning to bowhunt coyotes, it’s nice to know where ranchers place their dead livestock. These areas will generally have coyotes in the vicinity for months; even if it seems like the carcass is nothing more than a scantily dressed pile of bones.

Just like deer hunting, look for coyote sign to point you in the right direction. Tracks are the most informative sign a predator hunter can find. While a single set of tracks may not tell much, several sets will give an excellent indication of where to start hunting. Coyotes utilize “trails” much the same way whitetails do with the exception that they don’t typically bed in the same location day after day. However, they will hunt in the same places daily.

Hay fields and CRP fields are places that are highly inhabited by rodents— the number one food source most coyotes. Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and voracious predators, eating everything they may stumble upon, but when it comes to hunting for food, the easiest meals typically win out. This means mice or field rats. In cold winter months the energy expelled chasing larger prey simply isn’t worth the exhaustion when rodents are plentiful. [Read More]


How to Bowhunt Predators


REALTREE.COM From the Archives - I exhaled strong gasps of air through the plastic mouth call, cupping my hand on the barrel accordingly, sending eerie, squalling, bone-chilling sounds of a rabbit in distress out across the valley floor, penetrating nearly a mile into the foothills beyond.

No more than 5 minutes went by when I caught movement about 200 yards down slope. It was a coyote, heading straight to me.

I was tucked away in some granite boulders. My hunting partner was planted in some bushes 40 yards to my left. I couldn't see him, and I was hoping he had the 'yote in view as well.

In one instance the dog was in clear view, but then he disappeared in a small canyon sharply below me. I expected him to pop back into view any second. I dared not move a muscle, as these sharp-toothed canines have eyes like hawks. [Read More]


If Shooting Coyotes with a Rifle is Too Easy, Try Bowhunting Them

Bob Rogers

If the Ides of March are upon you, you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to take advantage of them.

Seriously, Shakespeare wasn’t thinking about hunting when he wrote those words. Ides simply referred to the first full moon of a given month, which usually fell between the 13th and 15th. In fact, the Ides of March once signified the new year, which meant celebrations and rejoicing. And that’s what you have with which to look forward, little more than a couple of weeks away. That’s when superstitious predator hunters are clamoring up and down hill country scouting for some productive coyote hunting.

It’s early season hunting, for sure. But that’s when deer and upland bird hunters have long left the rotting fields that are now thirsty for rain and snow and, this year, there’s been an abundance of both wherever you live across these United States. Essentially, we’re all in this together.

One portentous result of all this moisture, however, is the anticipated explosion of ground rodents. To a hungry coyote, they’re paw-lickin’ good. And that’s what you should be doing as February fades into March and takes with it the natural cover of snow or mud which voles, mice, field rats, and lemmings eat, breed, and construct undercover tunnels with which to move about freely. That’s when coyotes come into play.

Like foxes, coyotes have a sensitive sense of hearing and smell. The little prey below the surface cover act as a kind of sounding board which the canines can hear and sense. That’s when they dive nose first into the muck and grab their dinner. And then there are places where snow is just a dream and rains have given new life to the underbrush. That’s the kind of country you might look for when you begin your winter-into-spring transition, some of which you’ll see in this edition of…

Sweet Archery Coyote Hunt POV Head Cam – Solvid 6:18 min.

Incredible head cam archery coyote hunt in snow, 100% Film It Yourself. Shawn's coyote hunt in first person.

2 Coyotes With A Bow! Archery Predator Hunt – Solvid 4:01 min.

The weather was way too nice to be sitting in doors on Superbowl Sunday. Chris and daughter call in 2 coyotes and arrow both with his bow, 100% Film It Yourself.

Coyote Fury! - POV Archery Coyote Hunting - Solvid 6:31 min.

Archery Coyote Hunting with the CamStrap Head Cam Mount by Solvid. Many more coyote hunting videos in much higher quality here http://SolvidSystems.com/videos/hunting. Shawn and Chris of team Solvid call in a mess of coyotes resulting in archery bow shots on two. Shawn captures awesome point of view hunting footage with the Solvid CamStrap while Chris films with a hand cam.

Howling Coyote with a Bow 6:12 min.

In heavy brush country coyotes can be hard to spot. Equally puzzling is when they poke through the brush they may be closer than you think.

2 Coyotes with 1 Arrow at 50 Yards!! Archery Coyote Double Kill! 2:01 min.

I was able to pull off something that I have never seen or heard of anyone doing. Shooting 2 coyotes with one arrow...at 50 yards! They came in and walked around before laying down next to each other. When the second laid down I got ready and ranged them and when one closest to me stood up I shot going through it and clear through the other! You can see both jump up, circle, and you can see both fall in frame! I was a little excited as you could tell!

Fastest 5 Coyote Kill Shots Ever - BowHunting with Lighted Nocks 3:43 min.

Spectacular Hunting footage of multiple coyote kill shots with lighted nocks.

Best Ever Coyote Bow Kills 4:54 min.

Tim Wells is perhaps the most well-known bow hunter of contemporary times. Not only is he fearless but probably the fastest and most accurate archery hunter known. His kills on flying doves and other birds are legendary. With 2,220,507 views, this video remains very popular, so much so that we pulled this video out of the archives and it’s still sweet to watch!

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