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Our Fascination With Wildlife

WEEKEND, September 24-25, 2016 — If you’re a city kid growing up in a jungle of houses, cars, modern conveniences and dense population, you’ll never know the intricacies of the wild world.  That’s a place where life grows on God’s terms, not the political governing class.  In wilderness there is peace, there is independence, there is self-determination for, without those things, humans perish.  Long ago, man realized that nourishment was dependent on whatever was available, mostly animal and vegetable, and he learned to subsist on both and discovered that all living things were also dependent on the other living things.

In contemporary society from whatever generation, humans evolved from greed and a vicious mind to a shared philosophy; everything on the table of opportunity was there for the many rather than the few.  At first hunting was a necessity and centuries later it became an opportunity that evolved into the two-fold notion of recreational sport and conservation.  That’s when humans became fascinated with wildlife.

From the High Country News, above, a historical footnote: High Country News traces its roots back to August of 1969 when Tom Bell, a native of Lander, Wyo., bought Camping News Weekly, a small outdoor recreation publication geared toward anglers and hunters. Bell, a World War II veteran, wildlife biologist and high school teacher, wanted to provide more than just fishing tips and camping hotspots. He was eager to inform people about what saw as an impending environmental crisis in his beloved West, one that was largely being ignored by the region’s newspapers.

In 1970, he rechristened his publication High Country News and began to focus exclusively on environmental issues. The bi-weekly attracted a small, loyal following, but it soon became clear that subscriptions and local advertising wouldn’t support it. So Bell decided to make his fledgling publication a nonprofit. Still, by early 1973, High Country News faced mounting financial difficulties, and Bell announced to his readers that it would cease publication. He wrote: “We have done our best. It was not good enough.” The next day, dozens of envelopes began appearing in the mail, filled with cash, checks and encouraging notes begging Bell and his team not to quit.  

On Aug. 30 this year, Tom Bell, the founder of High Country News, passed away in his hometown of Lander, Wyoming. He was 92. We didn’t know Tom Bell personally but we were certainly aware of him. It was during the 1970s that we served two terms as president of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation and during that time my compadres and I preached wildlife conservation through both wise use and habitat preservation.  Wise use, obviously, included hunting and over the experiences of many years we were addicted to our fascination with wildlife.

To the dedicated hunter, the challenge of variety in the form of experiences builds up a vault of memories and many of those memories reach the pages on which we write, including those you are reading now, in the recent past, and, with God’s blessings, however many days still lay ahead. Unbeknownst to non-hunters and especially full-fledged protectionists, our wildlife fascination includes the challenges, the gear, and the opportunity to pit our strengths against human pitfalls and some of those will be showcased here, in this filmed feature edition of…

The dove bow hunter 3:27 min.

If you’ve never watched doves being shot from flight, you gotta see this. Amazing shooting unlike anyone has ever seen. All done with a bow

Wolves Hunt the Elk Hunters 3:39 min.

While taking 9 year old Emma Bell on an Oregon mentored youth cow elk hunt, Steve West, host of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures and his guest encounter a pack of wolves that not only scare off the elk, but start moving in on the hunters.

Elk Almost Steps On Bowhunter!! 4:32 min.

Experiencing the elk rut in the high country is something everyone should do. Just make sure you don’t get run over!

Big Buck Breaks Through The Ice! 4:03 min.

You never know what you’re going to see when you’re in the wild. Watch and see this buck fight his way out of the freezing cold river.

Deer Vs Coyotes!! Epic Battle To Survive! 6:25 min.

Coyotes hunting mule deer like a pack of wolves, UNBELIEVABLE!!

Eagle vs Mountain Goat – THE RAMBO GOAT – animal fight 2016 2:13 min.

The Golden Eagle is one of the largest, fastest, nimblest raptors in North America. Lustrous gold feathers gleam on the back of its head and neck; a powerful beak and talons advertise its hunting prowess. The golden eagle weights between 5 – 7 kg (11-15 lb). On the other side, the mountain goat. The mountain goat is a mid-sized bovid. A fully grown mountain goat reaches a height of 70–80 cm (28–31 in) and measures 107–137 cm (42–54 in). Males weigh 30–60 kg (66–132 lb). The mountain goat usually use speed and stealthy evasion to escape predators and can run at 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph) and can jump 2 m (6.6 ft) vertically into the air or over a distance of 6 m (20 ft).

Long Bow DIY Mountain Goat Hunt 21:14 min.

On this film my brother Boyd has a mountain goat tag and we are going after it DIY style with his Thunderhorn Longbow. We packed in 11 miles to camp and ended up getting his goat 16 miles from the truck. An adventure we won’t soon forget. Not until our feet heal at least.

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The Man Who Fooled Some of the People Some of the Time

BOB ROGERS | September 20, 2016 — Harry Reid, former Senator, former cop, former boxer, former (thank God) Democratic Majority/Minority Leader, will retire from Congress in January. It is somewhat bewildering that this whisper-voiced and now one-eyed politico Mormon from Searchlight, Nevada, took it upon himself to chastise nearly every name plate on a Washington, DC, desk throughout his career. [read more]

Show Me the Carry

SHELBY MURDOC | September 15, 2016 — Earlier this year Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) vetoed a bill that removed the requirement for a permit to carry concealed firearms in the state. Missouri Senate Bill 656 would have established what is commonly referred to as “Constitutional Carry” and also made the state a “Stand Your Ground” state. Nixon vetoed the bill in June, claiming that it “would make Missouri more dangerous.” The Republican-led legislature overrode the veto and the bill will become law in 30 days.

The bill originally passed quite easily in both chambers of the state legislature, but Nixon’s veto put the civil rights celebration on hold. The state house voted to override the veto by a 112-41 margin. The override vote in the state senate was 24-6. [read more]

Criminals ‘n Guns

STEVE COMUS | September 1, 2016 — Anti-gun interests have a soft spot in their heads when it comes to criminals. They give criminals a pass, while clamping down on law-abiding folks. After all, if the law-abiders aren’t guilty, the antis figure they should at least feel guilty and pay a price for their propriety. That’s why, to them, more gun laws make sense, but only until they can come up with a way to rid society of guns altogether.

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