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The Mea Culpa Media And Its Chum-Buddy ‘Study’ Partners

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 — In this day and age it’s very unlikely that newspapers or TV news outlet admit mistakes in covering important stories. Just ask CNN. Or Donald Trump. But because of one eagle-eyed reader to a Dallas newspaper, its editor – as chronicled above – basically said, “We blew it.” The paper, the editor courageously said, picked up a “study” – here we go again – that positively,  absolutely, and without a doubt reported that one kid out of 24 saw somebody get shot last year. The “kid,” it turns out, included teens up to age 17. Later, another “study” advanced the age by one year, to age 18. Not exactly ‘children.’

But the bigger question about the so-called ‘statistics’ of the studies – one by a New Hampshire college professor and two colleagues, the other by the CDC and UT-Austin, centers on two words, ‘shooting’ and ‘violence.’ Neither words are mutually exclusive. ‘Violence,’ in the all-encompassing frame of anything deprecatingly universal, is considerably different in the colloquial anti-gun mind than ‘shooting,” which is more self-explanatory and/or shocking in media usage. So, to make the point of targeting minds, the NH study, titled “Prevalence of Childhood Exposure to Violence, Crime, and Abuse,” extrapolated the word ‘violence’ and substituted the word ‘shooting’ to read, “Prevalence of Childhood Exposure to Shooting, Crime and Abuse.”

The story, initially published in The Washington Post, ran without further editorial research, reporting that one kid out of 24 witnessed a “shooting” last year. Unbelievable. But, as is the establishment media’s habit, the Post story was picked up by other newspapers and media outlets nationally, including the Dallas Morning News – the only one we’ve heard of that actually walked back the story and admitted to running it without further research – thereby creating the notion that children in America are growing up in a culture of extreme gun violence.

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Sage Grouse Habitat Is “Burning Up”

JIM MATTHEWS | June 15, 2017 — Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior, signed an order June 7 creating a special Sage Grouse Review Team to look at and make improvements to the 2015 Sage Grouse Plan and how it is implemented. Because the order has provisions that the agency confer and cooperate with state and local government on the economic impacts caused by the plan, it has been reviled by the crazed environmental community as a step back in sage grouse conservation. They are making wild claims that oil and gas leasing will soon cover the landscape to the demise of sage grouse.

Two points need to be made: First, it IS the job of the Interior agencies to examine the impacts of their management efforts on local communities and states. Just because it has not done that since before Bill Clinton was in office, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t perform this clearly spelled-out mandate that was part of the legislation that created these agencies.  [read more]

“God created Men. And Sam Colt made them equal.”

SHELBY MURDOC |June 15, 2017 — Wonderful.

In the latest comic book adaptation from Hollywood, a woman in what amounts to a bathing suit leaps out of a World War One trench and charges across No-Man’s Land. German machine guns open up on her, but she hunkers down behind her magical shield and holds off the fire while her companions use the distraction to race across unscathed and capture the enemy trench.

The lone heroine is Wonder Woman, one of the great triumvirate of DC Comics legends. And between her shield, her goddess-like agility, and—of course—her famed bracelets, she can go up against countless villains armed to the teeth with guns and come out on top every time. [read more]

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