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Jackson Hole’s Elk Antler Arch Tradition


YELLOWSTONE PARK.COM From the Archives – The four elk antler arches guarding the corners of Jackson Hole’s George Washington Memorial Park, more commonly called the Town Square, have become well known icons to the town’s many visitors. They've been featured in thousands of family photos over the years. It’s a toss-up whether the Tetons or the elk antler arches at the four corner of Jackson’s Town Square are more photographed by visitors, writes local Jackson, Wyo., writer Dina Mishev in the book On the Road Yellowstone. When the local Rotary Club erected the first arch in 1953, it had no idea it was creating an icon. But the arch was an instant hit with visitors, so the club started planning for additional arches, one on each corner. These were built between 1966 and 1969. (The southwest corner was the first to get its arch.)  [full article]

Reminder from G&F to leave sheds alone until May 1

BUCKRAIL.COM From the Archives -  There will be days like this. Spring brings a mixed bag of weather but on those warm days that hint of summer, the itch to get out and collect a few sheds is a powerful one. With increasing popularity of shed antler hunting, and a corresponding increase in complaints about antler hunters trespassing on private lands or entering closed areas throughout the state, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds shed antler and horn hunters to be lawful and keep wildlife in mind while searching for antlers this spring.  [full article]


Shed Hunting Isn’t a Trip to Your Neighborhood Home Depot

Bob Rogers

Sometimes we just become creatures of habit. Shed hunting is one of those times. So when I told my wife that I was going shed hunting she said, “Why?  You’ve already got one and it’s filled to the rafters with more of your outdoor junk!” Talk about hitting a guy where it hurts… nevermind. That was a long-ago Spring after the snow had finally disappeared and I put on my hiking boots, filled a couple empty gallon milk jugs with water and headed out to another adventure in the great outdoors.

Hunting sheds has become a popular pastime not just in Wyoming, possibly the birthplace of that activity that sees Yellowstone Park’s migrating elk heading to their winter feed grounds near Jackson Hole, but in any and every state where deer and elk and even some exotics pass through dropping antlers for all the dudes that just can’t seem to get enough of those bony treasures.

It’s not usual for states to regulate shed hunting as a means of keeping nosy civilians away from deer and elk winter range.  In Wyoming, shed hunting is closed from January 1 through May 1.  But elsewhere – check with your state’s game agency – and during the summer months, shed hunters are often found roaming the fields and hills of both private and public lands and it can be more fun than sitting around your living room playing Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed on your Xbox.

Like anything else outdoors, some advance planning may help the sun shine a little brighter and now is a good time to begin thinking about sheds as you’ll see in this edition of…

Shed Hunting January 2019
MASSIVE Whitetail Shed, 2:31 min.

2019 off to a great start with a massive shed. Stay tuned for more Whitetail shed hunting in the upcoming months.

January Shed Hunting! 2019, 3:41 min.

Shed hunting in Montana in 2019. This is the first of many shed hunting videos to come. We have a lot of good bucks on camera so hopefully they will drop and we can find them!

Shed Hunting 2019! Sheds and Dead’s!, 5:01 min.

Another critter’s meal left only the dead shed for human hunters.

Shed Hunting for Moose Antlers, 4:55 min.

Starting with posts of the year!!! We are starting off with Adam and Tana's shed hunting adventures for moose antlers. With owning a super cub, it makes shed hunting a little easier. Being able to fly and find antlers is a dream come true!!!!

Elk Shed Hunting Utah 2018, 7:10 min.

A couple of friends and I went looking for elk sheds in Utah and we ended up finding quite a few!

It Happened! Big 6x6 Bull Elk Sheds Antler on camera! By Tines Up, 14:30 min.

A must watch for any shed antler collector or hunter! Big 6x6 bull elk sheds one side on camera!

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