Too Much (Gun) Powder On The Donuts?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 – Never eat French pastry with a t-shirt printing. “Say wha’?!” For the non-carriers among us, ‘printing’ is the obvious revelation of a concealed gun under your clothes. That’s what Robert Farago ran into last week at a French bakery in Texas. As our top story above this HedSpace points out, Farago is the editor of The Truth About Guns.com website. Guys and gals who carry everyday – as they are prone to do in God bless the Second Amendment America – do so in the same way they put on shoes or sandals every day.  It’s a habit. Farago’s habit didn’t set well with le chef de cuisine at the Baguette et Chocolat so the cops were called and asked – politely, we’re sure – for Farago to leave le premises. You can pick up the rest of the story above.

The issue here is gun carry – openly or concealed. There are advocates for both.  But let it be known that Texas is not a so-called constitutional carry state. That means any one can pack heat anywhere, anytime, unless specifically prohibited by a business owner or city, county or state officials. But if you have a permit to carry a gun, you can legally carry it anywhere in Texas…even if a business owner such as the bakery in Farago’s case says it’s a politely stated no-no. Farago complied with the bakery’s wishes and, like Elvis, left the building. We doubt if he’ll show up carrying signs protesting the dispute. But we see the issue of constitutional carry as questionable. No doubt, CC is a guaranteed right. Until it isn’t. And that’s where proper decorum comes in.

Aside from the usual flap about people with gravel instead of brains in their heads have as much a constitutional right as your everyday pastor, Texas oilfield billionaire, lawmaking solon, or strong pro-gun Governor Greg Abbott, constitutional carry should come with implied manners and not in-your-face “wattayagonnadoaboutit?” attitude that we’ve seen – and heard – from some corners. While we consider gun carry a right, we think it’s also a privilege, and a privilege to be taken seriously rather than impatiently and congruously proportioned. Remember when, walking into a street café you saw a sign that said “No shirt, no shoes, no service?” That was in response to those gravel-headed gleebs from Hippieville who plied their constitutional right to spread their goober over any seat in the eatery. And, no less, that should apply to how, when, and where you carry, constitutionally or not. Now, make my donuts with sprinkles, please. And coffee.

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