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Russia invents terrifying ‘flying AK-47’ by strapping machine guns to drones for ‘aerial drive-bys’


THE SUN.CO.UK March 25, 2019 -  The unmanned flying machine is essentially a fully functioning AK47 housed inside a set of wings, with the gun's barrel jutting menacingly from the front. It was devised by experts at Russian arms maker Almaz-Antey, which filed a patent for the ridiculous contraption in February, 2018. With no obvious way of propelling itself, it's unclear how the system would fly, though two bulbs on the wings may act as supports for a propeller system.

Control systems have been designed into the vehicle's rear stabilisers to help it steer.  But the meat of the package comes in the form of an iconic AK47 wedged into its frame.

This is protected by metal netting, with the gun's curved 30-round magazine poking out the bottom. A standard AK47 rifle can fire 600 rounds per minute at targets up to 300 metres away. Russia has unveiled a number of unusual drones in recent years. One underwater gizmo revealed last year was designed to fend off military divers using an attached assault rifle.

The Kremlin showed off exploding kamikaze drones last month at Dubai's international IDEX arms exhibition. But while impressive in their ambition, many of these gadgets feature serious design flaws. When it comes to Almaz-Antey's AK47 drone, it's hard to imagine how it would ever be useful in combat. [Read More]

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Fly-Over Counties

Liberals don’t like it when conservatives start stealing their thunder

Bob Rogers

Democrats were understandably upset when Donald Trump stole the pangs of victory from Hillary Clinton and became the 45th President of the United States.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” was the trend of opinionated news reports on the night of November 8, 2016. Indeed, conservative Trump surprisingly upended liberal Clinton in winning the electoral college vote 304 to 227. “Unfair!” shouted Libs. “Hillary won the popular vote 48.2% to 46.1% or, numerically, by 2.8 million votes.” Thanks mostly to liberal blue California.

The difference of the Trump victory came mostly from what are often sarcastically called “fly-over” states, those mostly conservative rural states with far less population than most of the liberal coastal states. Nevermind that those states feed the majority of the concrete and asphalt population.

Rewind to November 30, 2017 when a multi-time deported illegal immigrant, José Inez García Zárate (AKA Juan Francisco López-Sánchez) held the pistol that “accidentally” fired a ricocheting bullet that killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier. Following a trial, Garcia Zarate was supposed to be deported yet again but San Francisco’s liberal political braintrust fought the federal deportation order by declaring San Francisco a “Sanctuary City” to the great displeasure of America’s conservatives. (Liberals could be heard laughing all the way to a chorus of “God Bless America”).

The growing rumble of the political Abrams tank-like conservative community has now taken a page out of the liberal sanctuary cities playbook as county after county, mostly whose law enforcement duties are handled by voter-approved county sheriffs, are now building a mountain of “sanctuary counties” where America’s gun owners can live in Second Amendment peace despite the administrative oversight of greater populated cities where most liberals hang out with their collusion-oriented Democratic legislators who are on a major gun control roll passing new gun restrictions at a record pace. [Read More]

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