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Deer Calls for Rattling in Bucks During the Rut

BONE COLLECTOR.COM From the Archives – November marks the unofficial start to the rut in many parts of the country. Deer hunters build anticipation all year long for these few weeks. Deer hunting the rut gives you a chance at scoring a mature whitetail that may only have been seen on the occasional Bushnell trail camera photo. A buck’s primal instincts kick in full force in the early weeks of November, which has these heavyweights coming out of the shadows. With the right deer calls, you may very well be able to get one into bow range. Rattling in bucks is one of the most productive calls for deer you can have in your arsenal during the rut. Deer calling with a set of antlers or a rattle bag to mimic the sound of two bucks in conflict can work throughout the course of a hunting season.  [full article]

10 Tips for Rattling More Bucks

QDMA.COM From the Archives – It’s November, and over the next few weeks millions of deer hunters will be hitting the woods in hopes of taking home a giant. Many will attempt rattling but will fail to see any response except squirrels scattering and chattering at the imaginary buck fight from 15 feet up — leading them to think, “Why in the world does this work on outdoor television and not for me?!” Sound familiar? That’s where QDMA comes in, delivering science-based information about deer to its members since 1988. Several years ago, deer biologist and avid hunter Dr. Mickey Hellickson of Texas set forth on a three-year research project to learn what type of rattling sequence attracts the most bucks. Two-man teams rattled loudly and softly, in both short and long bouts. They broke branches and scraped the ground. They did it at all times of the day and throughout the hunting season, specifically during the months of November and December. They even had some radio collars on bucks so they could locate them, approach, rattle, and monitor the response. I studied their results and compiled it into 10 tips that will vastly improve your response rate when clanging ivory this fall.  [full article]

Rattlin’ Madeline Home

Bob Rogers

Jackie Gleason. Spike Jones. “Who?”  Well, you’d have to be at least over 40 to know them.  Maybe 50.  60? Never mind. From an earlier era – about 1925-75 to be exact – those two comedic entertainers filled the airwaves with song and dance. We don’t think either one ever hunted deer.

But let’s say you saw several deer on your favorite hunting ground but none had antlers.  Typical of this time of year.  But so is the rut when all bucks begin thinking of something besides getting shot at. That’s when they start some serious sniffing of the autumn breezes, their compass that will lead them to a doe named Madeline. You do gives names to your favorite estrus doe decoys, don’t you? I have a friend who has had considerable success convincing amorous bucks to meet Madeline.  That’s because he uses her deviously to rattle a potential rival buck or something that sounds like one buck fighting another for Madeline’s favors and that’s exactly when ol’ Bucko loses it and heads for battle, something you’ll either see or at least hear about in this week’s edition of…

Antler Rattling Tips Based on Deer Research, 2:39 min.

The weeks leading up to the whitetail rut is the best time to rattle! By practicing QDM and protecting yearling bucks, you get higher response rates from adult bucks when you rattle or use grunt calls. These rattling tips, based on deer research, will also increase your success.

Rattling for Whitetail Deer…………Burn The Antlers, 1:19 min.

Wade Middleton explains his techniques for rattling and what it means to make the antlers burn.

Hunting with Deer Decoys, 2:53 min.

Deer decoys can be very effective during the rut, but which type should you use when hunting pressured whitetails … buck or doe decoy? John Eberhart has both and shows us which ones he uses and why.

Rattling In Some Rutting Bucks, 3:45 min.

EOTR staff member, Jeff, rattles in two nice bucks after a very short rattle sequence. Watch the exciting footage as he makes the decision to pass of these lucky bucks for another year.

Rattling in 206″ Iowa Whitetail, 5:36 min.

Gabe Adair of Whitetail Properties is hunting in Iowa when he rattles in a buck of a lifetime!

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By Kevin McNair, Tactical West, Las Vegas, NV.  — Nevada has a lottery system for big game hunting tags. So, after 17 years of applying, in 2017, I was finally successful in applying for and obtaining my Desert Bighorn Sheep tag!

Additionally, I drew a prime area about an hour from my home in Las Vegas, NV. Right next to Lake Mead Recreation Area.

As an active member of the wildlife conservation arena (President of WHIN / Wildlife and Habitat Improvement of Nevada), I immediately reached out to a colleague, James Bradshaw who is an absolute Pro in guiding sheep hunts and hired him immediately, then, about mid-2017, James and I began scouting my hunting area for my Nov 2017 hunt. Many times he went out on his own to maintain an educated vision of my hunting area.  [Read More]


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