High Noon at the High Court: Get it Over With

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 -—Unnecessarily bad grammar, but this HedSpace headline makes the point that the panoply of anti-gun rights restrictions have become too weary, too long, and too many. They will all at some point end up at the U.S. Supreme Court anyway and the sooner the better. Yesterday two out of three justices from the 4th District Appeals Court decided that Washington DC residents can carry a concealed handgun outside the home if they have a permit to do so. But that isn’t enough for the District’s administrators. They said they’d ignore the ruling and, instead, file a motion for the full 11-member court en banc to decide. Recently, the 9th District Court in California went en banc to overrule its own three member panel in a similar issue, known legally as Peruta vs. San Diego County. Such efforts make three-member courts a sham which do nothing but provide false hope for those individuals or groups who file for judicial relief to thwart what they see as unjust legal decisions.

When the SCOTUS reconvenes in October, gun issues are expected to be on the top of the agenda pile. There are so many local and regional gun control regulations that it would take years to go through all of them in an effort to reach solutions. Better still would be that the country’s top court simply lean into the mountain of disparate regulations and declare them all as violating the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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The Checks in the Male…And the Female

SHELBY MURDOC | July 24, 2017 — It depends upon which headline you see. One says, “FBI Firearm Background Checks Down Sharply.” The other says, “Second-Largest Number of Background Checks Ever for Guns.”

Both are—depending on your definition of “sharply”—factually correct. For the first half of 2017, background checks using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System were down by about 9% from the first half of 2016. But 2016 was the biggest year on record, and 2017 beats every other year since the NICS was implemented in 1998. [read more]

Segregated Gun Owners

ALAN KORWIN | July 21, 2017 — How much longer will gun owners tolerate discrimination and be segregated because they bear arms? It is increasingly clear that segregating people because they exercise the civil and human right to bear arms in defense of themselves is a disgraceful criminal act of civil-rights discrimination. It is increasing. The perpetrators are growing bolder in their demands and actions.

Their actions are no different than the segregationist policies practiced against other protected classes and civil-rights groups. The reasons are the same as well — fear, irrational hatred of things unfamiliar, pure prejudice, bias and uncontained hostility aimed at the target of their rage, in this case, decent American gun-owning citizens. [read more]

Seconds, Anyone?

STEVE COMUS | July 1, 2017 — Does “Second Amendment” equate to “second class?” Why is it that over the years the U.S. Supreme Court has been reticent to delve into gun rights? This question certainly didn’t get answered recently when the high court declined to hear two types of gun ownership/use cases.

There is something about the word “second.” The term “second fiddle” comes to mind, as does the title of Bill Jordan’s book “No Second Place Winner.” What about the “second” amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Seems as though the Second Amendment gets the stepchild treatment, even when it comes to the Supreme Court. The high court historically has made a habit out of not wanting to tangle with the right to keep and bear arms – one way or another, and hence has tended to ignore or avoid it more than one might logically expect. [read more]

California’s Paranoid Democrats Giddy Over Mag Ban

BOB ROGERS | July 1, 2017 — California Democrats are the laughing stock. They think they’ve solved the problem of criminal violence. Pass a law and the problem goes away. Except that it doesn’t. The majority of the state’s population is pulled along on puppet strings and they just don’t give a blank one way or another. “Just leave me alone and go away,” is the casual response to a robo call, an email, a poster passer-outer ringing the doorbell. When Democrats took over the state legislature in 1996 – and won a supermajority in 2016 – they felt they were given a mandate to do anything they wanted. And they did. [read more]

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