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Buttons and Bows and Practice, Practice, Practice

Bob Rogers

Weekend, August 11, 2018 - There’s this old song: “East is east and west is west, and the wrong one I have chose, Let's go where they keep on wearin' rings and things and buttons and bows.” As an ‘old school’ bowhunter – I shot mostly a recurve – I was taught to bring my bowstring to full draw by placing my index finger at the corner of my lips. The idea was to steady the eventual release by “resting” my finger against my head to steady both my head and my right arm (with elbow arched upwards in my case). Some recurve archers prefer using a kisser button tied on to the bowstring as an aid in ‘anchoring’ the archer’s sight-line. The idea was that the kisser button would indicate full draw when the shooter felt the button on his/her lips. The kisser button would line up with a sight pin or a ring sight. Similarly, a peep sight was not my bag. I never got into that style and stuck with the index finger because I was an instinct shooter, as were most of my recurve-shooting friends.

As bowhunting changed with the debut of the compound bow, archers were given a plethora of gear options; bows became more challenging and draw weights were optional and varied. That was followed swiftly by new arrows and broadheads, along with some very imaginative accessories that attracted a small army of rifle shooters to bowhunting. Special seasons for bowhunting didn’t hurt either because they provided the opportunity for extended hunting, one season with a bow followed by the gun season.

Preparing for either gun or bow hunting was always a favored activity. Basically, just another excuse to head to the target range in preparation for the upcoming hunting season Labor Day weekend. Preparation: that’s what we’re suggesting in this edition of…

Get ready for bow season!, 3:12 min.

Jimmy Houston provides some advice Oklahoma style.

Archery Early Season Deer Hunting Practice with bow and tree stand, 4:17 min.

Tips on how to get ready and prepare for the archery deer season. Practice with your bow and make sure you are comfortable in your tree stand and can execute a shot with all your equipment.

Traditional archery Gearing up for the hunting season!, 5:04 min.

Do you hunt with your traditional archery equipment? How do you prepare for the hunting season? I'm taking my recurve bow out for a practice shoot!

How To Practice With A Compound Bow For Deer Hunting, 3:33 min.

Tips on improving your archery skills and how to get ready for deer season even in your own backyard.

Getting Ready for Elk Season with the Hoyt Defiant, 8:04 min.

Getting the feel of the hunting grounds.

Bowhunting: Final Preseason Prep, 5:06 min.

Believe it or not, but Bowhunting season is right around the corner!
Michigan OutofDoors Magazine Editor Tony Hansen takes you on a tour of the 5 things you can get ready now to have a fantastic bowhunting year.

How to Practice Bowhunting Shots to Kill a Deer, 6:21 min.

Learning the abilities of your bow and arrows is important for bowhunting deer or other big game.
Practice also is incredibly important, of course, to get the bow and arrows in tune and also hone your skills with them.
Steve Bartylla gives his top bowhunting practice tips in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.


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