The Continuing Cascade of Blaming Guns For Everything Including Drugs

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 — The manifesto of Everytown For Gun Safety In America, Mike Bloomberg’s anchor for his gun control campaigns and editorial vitriol, as seen here, dances around the objective that to pursue management of guns as the solution to violent crime focuses on just one thing:  removing guns from everyone.  Problem is that to do so emphasizes actions that affect not just criminals but honest law-compliant citizens and the Constitution. Picking on Chicago is unfortunate, but that city’s flourishing drug trade that accentuates murder by criminal misuse of guns is inescapable. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his followers will just have to put up with it. Why, we wonder, doesn’t America’s enforcement leadership just take away the drug market and, in the process, instead of blaming guns blame the drug culture?

Not that many years ago Colorado had a vibrant – and highly illegal – marijuana market. Mexican cartels eagerly supplied the product, and Rocky Mountain state hipsters created a vibrant consumer base. Local drug dealers went to war with their competitors, and gang shootouts were not uncommon. But thanks to the infusion of liberalism and Colorado University’s broad-minded progressivism, curbside entrepreneurs made a great living, tax-free and in the process created a market bonanza that is now spreading across the country. Eventually, the state’s political leadership smelled the sweet fragrance of tax revenue. Their solution was participation in declaring maryjane a legal but regulated by-product of social and political intervention. Violent drug-related crime, mostly perpetrated with the use of a gun, diminished. Legal pot growers were ecstatic; and soon thereafter marijuana farms joined corn, peaches, and cantaloupe as Colorado Born.

The moral here is to convince “government” to grab control of the drug market, dispensing regulated product to addicts while weaning them away from the physical and mental dangers of overdosing. In the process, by taking the drug market from the local or universal so-called ‘breaking bad’ suppliers, the end result is aggressive drug regulation and a depreciating crime problem. In the classical continuum, honest citizens don’t do drugs, they do guns; and ‘doing guns’ as essential to recreational, sporting, and self-protective uses relieves demanding Moms in every town of the responsibility for protecting everyone else from their ideological enemies.

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