If Youth Is Really Wasted On The Young, Take Them Hunting

Weekend, August 19-20, 2017 – Some kids grow up fast. Some don’t and, it seems, some never will. But to help them grow with a sense of purpose take them hunting. I’m fortunate to know several young kids that, while still in their formative years, are technologically smart – more so than my own generation – but few are outdoors smart. It’s easy to recall, as I have many times, one family member on my wife’s side who hunts with her Dad. On a particular occasion they found themselves in a tree stand in part of an aspen patch on our place bowhunting for deer. At one point, 14-year old Ashly drew on a deer with her compound bow while her Dad shot video footage. As I watched the video he proudly showed me, I was amazed at how long she held the bowstring with the steely patience of purpose that many bowhunters I’ve known could never have accomplished. When she finally released the string, the arrow was delivered precisely on target, just as her Father had schooled her.

There are many youngsters who’ve been introduced to the outdoors as a family. It is there that the hunting heritage is born. Hunting is seen mostly by non-hunting outdoors folk as nothing more than blood sport. That comes from the widely held notion – correctly so – that hunters kill. But that notion is not always honestly descriptive of the hunting community, from wherever they may come. That’s because there are two kinds of hunters. Yes, all hunters kill. That is the end result if what you hunt is primarily for food as well as for sport. But there’s another kind of hunter who, once deeply involved in the challenge of hunting who sees the activity as part of their ecological being. They become one with Mother Earth, not as a political environmentalist, though they pay great homage to the environment, but as a participant in the continuing evolution of nature. To hunt is not just to kill, it is to become one with your natural and spiritual surroundings.

This weekend, we have leaned on the outdoors family, as in the family that hunts together stays together. Yet, as the young ones grow into teens and young adults, they also grow within the concept of hunting as conservation, conservation as being responsible for the future of wildlife as caretakers of wildlife sustainability. That is a singular dedication as an activity that can be done in the company of others or alone, as we will see in both the beginning as well as in the final story of this week’s showing of…

Family Deer Hunt 7:01 min.

11 year old Tyler, and his 6 year old sister Ashlee go out for Tyler’s first crossbow buck. Tyler, Ashlee and their step dad, Nate Cline, make it happen from a Blind Turtle hunting blind in Ohio!

My Son’s First Hunt 6:15 min.

The hunt I have waited for since I was a kid. The chance to share my passion, knowledge and time with my son just like my dad was able to do with me.

Michigan Youth Hunt First Deer Buck crossbow, priceless PROUD father 3:56 min.

11yo arrows his first deer, youth hunt, deer hunting state land velvet 5 point Michigan buck. Priceless reaction! Deer recovered 20yds! 5 point buck! Viral First hunt!

Youth Mentor Dove Hunt 4:17 min.

Frank “Poppy” Sadler invites several young men out to experience the fun and fellowship of dove hunting.

Chukar and Pheasant Hunting : Upland Game Hunt Using Dogs at Big Cottonwood Game Ranch 14:39 min.

Pheasant and Chukar Hunting can be very fun. We went hunting with several friends who ran German Shorthairs. The dogs did an amazing job. We were at the Big Cottonwood Game Ranch in Utah and the service was outstanding. They have beautiful land and the birds are very plump. Overall, I had a great experience with my Dad and some friends.

Father Daughter Deer Hunt 3:35 min.

Experiences and opportunities like this impact young sportsmen and women in a way that is indescribable.

The Bond – A Montana Elk Hunt 10:09 min.

Big Game Hunting in Big Sky Country is always an incredible experience, particularly when it’s shared with family. In this short film, Colin Ruggiero profiles the father-daughter hunting combo Anna and Bill Schaff.

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