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How To Hunt South Dakota Pheasants, Cheap

First, you must realize that I’ve only been hunting pheasants in South Dakota for 50 years, so I don’t know everything. What I do know is that birds are easier to find today than they were from the mid-1960s through the early 1980s. Starting in 1985 the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) added more than 2 million acres of dense, undisturbed grass habitat to the State. Bird numbers soared and folks finally saw what biologists and pheasant hunters had known for a long time: you can’t have pheasants without dense nesting and escape cover.  [full article]

Pfunny Pheasants Pfeatured

Bob Rogers

Weekend, November 17-18, 108 — If you grow up in the country, hunting pheasants is about as natural as hunting Easter eggs and as easy to find.  Same activity, different months. But there we were, six hunters, three dogs and a huge field of California cotton. It was the only game that could be hunted since the cotton harvest had been completed. Two of the hunters were cops – “Dead-Eye Dicks,” they called themselves but only one was a genuine detective. He had a reputation for cracking cases but had never been pheasant hunting before. The other cop was clueless.

And so it was that we set out into this huge field. According to the farmer that owned the place the birds had been very active. With a growing season of 150 to 180 days, it is the longest planting of any crop in the country, he told us. We convinced ourselves that there would be a heavy concentration of birds in that particular field, so we set two hunters on the opposite end of the field while the other four of us began a drive pushing the birds to the two stoppers. That’s when we noticed that the dogs became overly excited and began running helter skelter through the cotton. No birds flew but the dogs were hot on the trail of something. That’s when we heard a loud squeal, kind of like a wounded, uh, r-a-b-b-i-t…

Three hours later, sweaty and disgusted, and back at the farmer’s house, he swore that “just yesterday” there were birds all over the place…which was just before 10 other hunters with one big black lab came through and offered him $50 bucks to hunt. “Took this pitchure of ‘em,” he drawled.

If that happens to you, go find a comfortable chair next Thursday and, like some hunters, give thanks for…

Friendly Wild Pheasant Turns Nasty, 5:37 min.

Out for a quick walk today, when a wild Pheasant who's been following me for a couple of years, decides today is the time to make 'first contact.'

Buster and Pheasant, 1:34 min.

Thanks for the breakfast invite.

How to Hunt Pheasant with a Bow, 2:10 min.

Pheasant Hunting with a Bow: In this trailer you will see hunting techniques, archery tips plus equipment recommendations. For more info about fishing and hunting clinics and videos, check out my web site at: http://vansporting.com/

Catapult hunting pheasants, 2:12 min.

All kills with permission, in season, all birds eaten not wasted. I hunt for food not fun.

Hunting time! Rounding up the birds at New York state's last pheasant farm, 1:52 min.

The Richard E. Reynolds Game Farm in Ithaca is the sole pheasant farm left in New York. It supplies nearly 30,000 pheasant per year and is operated by the DEC's Bureau of Wildlife.

Pheasant Hunting South Dakota, 3:47 min.

The Grand Lodge affords you an opportunity to enjoy an authentic, corporate outdoor experience in the Lake Oahe Region of South Dakota. The location of your remarkable pursuits is situated in open farm country in the heart of some of the best pheasant, dove, whitetail and coyote habitat in the entire state. The grandeur and spectacle of the pristine prairie atmosphere is unforgettable. We provide some of the best pheasant hunting in South Dakota. http://www.GrandLodgeHunting.com

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6.8mm: The Next Generation

Shelby Murdoc

In October, the US Army made an announcement that not only shook up things in 2018 but will continue to shake things up for years to come.

“Right now, the feedback looks like we are going to a 6.8 caliber round,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said recently.

The Army is looking for a new standard carbine and a new squad automatic weapon. Though the AR-15-based M16/M4 platform has performed well over the years and has benefited from upgrades to its modular construction, the fact remains that the design and its cartridge are based on fifty-year-old thinking. A lot of experience, in the combat zone and in the manufacturing world, has been gained over that time and the Army is looking forward at potential conflicts with modern mechanized opponents with high-tech weaponry and effective armor, something the War on Terror has not really been prepared for.

The M249 SAW, though not as old as the AR-15, is also due for replacement. Like the M16/M4, it has served American troops well but its time, too, has come. Both the new carbine and the new squad automatic weapon will fire the same 6.8mm round, but details on the cartridge are scarce. [read more]

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