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October issue: Poaching Rhinos, Marco Polo Sheep Hunt,
The Trevor Casper Story, 2 Mile Long Range Shooting

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AMERICA’S 1ST FREEDOM.ORG (NRA) October 23, 2017 – A group of actors recently publicly endorsed Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety’s positions on your freedom. Notice I don’t say they voiced their opinions, because they didn’t actually do that. 


THE HOLMES REPORT.COM October 23, 2017 – Gun-rights advocates tend, more than others, to vote based solely on candidates’ stances on guns — and therein lies their power, observers said.  In short, politicians playing in NRA-heavy arenas can’t repel them and expect to keep…


SACRAMENTO BEE.COM October 22, 2017 – Democratic attorneys general from 17 states are calling on Congress to abandon legislation backed by the National Rifle Association that would allow concealed-carry gun permits issued in one state to be valid in all states. 


YAKIMA HERALD.COM October 22, 2017 – If we place limitations on firearm manufacturing and sale, we are limiting the freedom of individuals and interfering with their Second Amendment rights to bear arms. The National Rifle Association battles this regularly and stands for firearm rights…


HONEYBRAKE.COM From the Archives – If you live in the south, especially Arkansas, then duck hunting is something you will more than likely be invited, enticed or otherwise harangued into taking part in at some point. Like golf, a day afield in the duck…


Geese are not ducks, nor is goose hunting like duck hunting. Geese are far tougher to fool, far tougher to kill. But when it all works, there is nothing else that thrills me more. Geese are not ducks, and goose hunting is not duck…


NRA-ILA.ORG October 20, 2017 – Marketing analysts refer to “churn” in an industry – the turnover or attrition rate of customers or employees or some other category – as an important metric of business growth and success: keeping track of churn rates offers insight…


HOT AIR.COM October 20, 2017 – A poll by the Associated Press found that while a majority of Americans still support stricter gun control, a result found in several previous polls, that support slipped slightly (down 3%) compared to the same poll last year….


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Space Filler

BOB ROGERS | Monday, October 23, 2017 - There are times when a newspaper’s blank, white area is in need of a transfusion. When that happens, rather than to assign a reporter to objectify the need, an editor simply reaches into the gumball-grabber machine and pulls out something that he/she already knows is a press-rolling deadline time-saver known as the Space Filler. This morning, for example, our daily news feeds were near overflowing with the same inane story headline: Cub Scout Kicked Out After Asking State Senator a Tough Gun Control Question. We stopped counting when the story topped 41, indicating that 41 different newspapers ran the same story. But wait! There’s a method to this madness. [read more]

To Bump Or Not To Bump

SHELBY MURDOC | October 13, 2017 — In the aftermath of the horrific attack in Las Vegas, the outcry is, of course, for someone to DO SOMETHING. Something that will prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again. Something that will keep everyone safe. Something that will make everyone feel better.

Most of the clamor, predictably, is unrealistic and—even more predictably—unconstitutional. One of the more common themes is the call for a ban on the so-called “bump fire stocks” that almost no one in the country had heard of a month ago but are now an existential threat to our very society. [read more]

In a Target-rich Editorial Environment Guns Are On The Winning Side

STEVE COMUS | September 26, 2017 — At many trapshooting tournaments around the country, it is common to play the national anthems of the United States and Canada before the shooting begins. All shooters stand for both. U.S. citizen shooters also put their hands over their hearts or deliver a hand salute when the U.S. national anthem is played. Shooters from both countries respect the musical symbol, not just of their own country, but also of the other.

That is not the way it is in all competitive arenas these days, to say nothing of fake news and society at large. Contempt, lies and deceit vs. honesty, respect and responsibility. The gun culture is on the winning side, now and forever. It is the difference between real and virtual. [read more]

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