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PA – GUN NEWS – Pennsylvania’s largest gun show promoter agrees to ban sale of ‘ghost gun’ kits at its shows, Attorney General Josh Shapiro says

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Note: The video is from December 2019. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Monday that Eagle Arms Productions, the largest gun show promoter in the state, has halted the sale of “ghost guns” at its shows.

Eagle Arms is the first gun show promoter in the nation to stop the sale of unserialized 80% receiver kits, Shapiro said. The promoter’s decision to stop the sale of “ghost guns” comes after the number of such weapons recovered in Philadelphia rose 152% from 2019-20.

More than 10,000 ghost guns were recovered nationally in 2019 alone, Shapiro said in his announcement. He was joined by state Rep. Amen Brown and state Sens. Vincent Hughes and Tony Williams.

Shapiro’s Gun Violence Task Force conducted two surveillance operations at Eagle Arms shows, Shaprio said.

“Ghost guns are quickly becoming the weapon of choice for criminals and fueling the gun violence epidemic,” Shapiro said in his announcement. “These DIY gun kits should be subject to the same background checks and qualifications as fully functioning firearms to prevent criminals who are not legally able to purchase or possess guns from getting their hands on these deadly, untraceable weapons.

“We are calling on all gun show promoters to contact my office and follow suit to help keep our neighborhoods safe until criminals can’t buy these weapons.”

The surveillance operations, conducted in partnership with local and federal law enforcement, tracked the purchasing of Polymer 80% gun kits at the Morgantown Gun Show, hosted by Eagle Arms Productions, to the recovery of 10 fully functional firearms or partially assembled kits in Philadelphia announced just eight days ago.  [full article]

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