Bob Rogers

The Pet Delicacy

Weekend, Nov. 18-19, 2017 - We know it’s difficult to get by imagining a pet rabbit for dinner. After all, many children who tug at Mom’s apron strings to buy a bunny around Easter wouldn’t think of eating it. Yet, rabbits are in many quarters a dinner delicacy. Rather than explaining our personal bunny-ventures in the outdoors, here’s some culinary thoughts from Staten Island Live.

If, in fact, we are what we eat, generations of hunters have proven that wild meat is better for you than market meat. Having a freezer stuffed full of venison, fish, waterfowl and upland game is what many avid hunters swear to be the best of the best that any steak house can muster.

This weekend, however, and keeping in mind that a week from now we might all be tired of turkey and cranberries of either the wild or the store-bought kind, the change in weather conditions are ripe for rabbit and hare hunting. To some, such hunting is comprised of both a pleasure and a science – hunting pleasure and tactical science. Some hunters are lepus specialists and take considerably effort in having the right gear and hunting mentality to stalk hares. Cottontail rabbits require less specialization but, as with any hunting, preparation and strategy are the principal tools to success, some of which you’ll find in this edition of…

Beagle Boys Rabbit Hunting - Snowshoe Hare Hunting Techniques, 15:18 MIN.

We show some of the techniques we use to locate and hunt snowshoe hares. We also show some of our pre-hunt preparations.

First Hunt of 2016 17, 5:40 min.

Ending one year and starting the next.

Gunnin' Bunnies, 6:30 min.

Footage captured with Maine Guides Brian Donaghy, Mark Donaghy, and Ron Stanley during their routine rabbit hunting adventures around The Forks, Maine

Winter Rabbits With Traditional Bow, 2:03 min.

Hunting cottontail with traditional bow in January in SE Idaho.

Rabbit Hunt With Recurve Bows, 5:18 min.

Hunting rabbits with recurve bows in Wyoming

Recipe for Hare - Gordon Ramsay, 3:56 min

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits some hunters who catch hare with the use of a Golden Eagle.
Ramsay cooks a fricasee of hare with rich chocolate sauce.


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The Unintended Consequences of Gun Control

BOB ROGERS | Friday, November 17, 2017 - In our zeal to stay steps ahead of lawmakers such as those who dominate California’s gun control laws, the bird has finally left the nest. In other words, the dirty little secret of firearms “workarounds” forced on law-abiding gun owners who have been wilting in the workplace of overcoming stupidly conceived feel-good gun laws that do nothing to stop the criminal use of guns is…out. Gun rights advocates in the Golden State, especially, have finally been revealed for the Tricky Dick geniuses they really are. [read more]

The Failure of Airport Gun Screening

SHELBY MURDOC | Wednesday, November 15, 2017 — A recent report reveals that airport security failed to catch over 70 percent of the weapons that testers attempted to sneak through TSA checkpoints. While anyone who has been inconvenienced by the lines and hassle of airport screening should be outraged at this incompetence, we should also be asking what this staggering failure means for strict gun control proposals. If a federal agency charged with one mission—keeping airline travel safe and secure—cannot manage to find weapons at a very carefully controlled checkpoint, how can anyone hope to ensure a truly gun-free environment? [read more]

NFL Fumbles Again

STEVE COMUS | Wednesday November 1, 2017 — “…all enemies, foreign and domestic;…”

First, the National Football League and its players assaulted patriotism by taking a knee during the playing the national anthem. Now they attack the Constitution by backing gun control. What the h____ are they thinking? They’re not.

The more technologically advanced society becomes, the less connected people are. It makes sense because technology provides an insular shell around individuals, groups and societies. Nowhere is this more evident than in the mockery of NFL players kneeling to their false gods.  [read more]

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