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More Than 58K Attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL January 21, 2019 - Gun manufacturers will be aiming for big sales this week as they storm into Las Vegas for the industry’s biggest trade show.

The Shooting, Hunting &Outdoor Trade Show, better known as the SHOT Show, will draw more than 58,000 industry professionals to the Sands Expo and Convention Center from Tuesday through Friday.

The four-day trade show is the industry’s business-to-business equivalent of Black Friday, as manufacturers and wholesalers pen multimillion-dollar deals with retailers and law enforcement agencies for firearms, ammunition and accessories such as holsters and scopes.

The show is also a bonanza for Las Vegas as attendees spend nearly $90 million on hotels, food, drink and souvenirs, said Chris Dolnack, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which runs the show.

Local gun ranges see business pick up during the week. German-based manufacturer Sig Sauer will host as many as 2,000 people Monday at the Rifle Pistol Center at the Clark County Shooting Complex. [full article]

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Maybe a sign of the times is really about smart bullets

Shelby Murdoc

A recent event in Wisconsin, a Firearm Safety Expo at Oak Creek’s Milwaukee Area Technical College, showcased a number of so-called “smart gun” technologies available today or under development. We’ve all been watching the topic for years now, mostly with a heap of skepticism about the viability of these ideas and the agenda of those most-heavily promoting them. And no matter how much the tech advances, the problems and concerns at the core of the matter remain no different than they were yesterday.

One headline-grabbing technology—“A Firearm That Sends a Text if it’s Moved”—had the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asking “After all, what’s wrong with a gun that sets off an alarm and sends a text if it’s moved?

The device in question is a firearm grip that, not only keeps the gun locked on SAFE unless you enter a PIN, will sound an alarm if the device’s sensors detect that the gun has been moved and the PIN isn’t entered within ten seconds. If you release the grip’s switch, the gun re-locks in one-third of a second.

Never mind all the basic questions about needing the gun in a hurry or possibly being required to enter a PIN while facing a life-and-death situation, do you have to enter the PIN every time you shift the gun to another spot in your gun safe? What if you bump the gun in your gun safe while accessing a different gun? What if it’s in your trunk on the way to the shooting range and the car hits a pothole? What if the battery is dead? I’ll admit that at least it doesn’t use RFID or a fingerprint scanner. It’s available for pistols and now also for AR-15s.  [Read More]

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