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States That Failed To Prevent Gun Crime Now Want Gun Buyers To Fund Gun Control


GUNPROPLUS.COM | February 20, 2019 |  By Ward Williams

California is famed for its high taxes on everything and now is adding additional taxes on the sale of ammunition and an ammo background check fee that could go as high as $70. Not to be outdone, Connecticut wants to raise taxes on ammunition by some 50 percent.

The impetus for new taxes and fees on gun owners is a source of funding for so-called gun violence research programs. That includes permanent source funding the somewhat infamous California Firearm Violence Prevention Research Center at UC Davis which resulted in 2017 when then Attorney General Kamala Harris, now a United States Senator and 2020 presidential candidate, convinced state lawmakers to donate $5 million to launch the program.

Run by well-known gun control advocate Garen Wintemute and Barack Obama’s former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jane Napolitano, now the President of the UC-Davis campus, it is expected that the state’s new taxes and fees on gun owners will substitute for federal CDC research dollars that have been hamstrung by the existing Tiahrt Amendment law supported by the NRA.

The California Violence Intervention and Prevention grant program will be the recipient of the state’s new ammo tax and background check fees which some have speculated would amount to a 600% fee every time a consumer purchases ammunition. Each such sale is limited to 100 rounds of ammunition.

Connecticut’s legislature was presented with its own guns and ammunition tax increase in January.

In what has become a potential treasure trove for gun control legislation, both states can be expected to set the table for others yet to follow. There is considerable speculation that those programs in California are partially responsible for the dramatic decrease in hunting license sales from some 700,000 just a few years ago to less than 244,000 now. Such funding downfall will curtail much of the state’s wildlife conservation programs.

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Trophy Game Has a Price On Its Head

Debate flares up over selling locations of big game animals; useful idiots help anti-hunters

Jim Matthews

Hunters have met the enemy and he is us.

A bill was introduced into the Montana legislature on Jan. 25 that would outlaw the selling of locations of big game animals on public land, and the relatively new, left-leaning group Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) is asking its members to support the legislation, according to a post on its website. Interestingly enough, the bill does not apply to licensed guides, outfitters, or private landowners.

Senate Bill 127 was introduced by state Senator Jill Cohenour, a Democrat from Helena, after her husband Joe said he discovered a Utah man advertising a “professional report” that offered GPS coordinates for specific elk pictured in the report. He believed the service was unethical because it fostered a mentality of selling wildlife to the highest bidder, according to BHA.

“Hunting is about getting out and enjoying yourself, it’s not just about killing,” said Joe Cohenour in his self-righteous testimony before the Senate Fish and Game Committee.

BHA also reports that the bill is being supported by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Montana Wildlife Federation, and the Montana Bowhunters Association.

The Montana Wildlife Federation posted a story on the bill with the sanctimonious headline that read:

“Montana’s Wildlife Isn’t for Sale

“Preserving Montana’s Fair Chase Heritage”

The story went on to say, “Simply put, this bill means that private individuals will no longer be able to profit by selling the location of trophy wildlife to the highest bidder.” [Read More]

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