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The Few, The Proud, and the Purpose Driven

Thursday, September 29, 2016 — Making movies was never my thing. I used a Brownie camera until I was 18 and in the Navy. Attending Saturday afternoon movies at a local theater was a gift from above because where else but in Heaven could Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, the Lone Ranger and John Wayne all get together to preserve law and order while sitting in a saddle on an Inyo County, California hill country shoot-em-up scene?  Fast forward to 2016 and Katie Couric took over the quick six-draw scenario, only her movie Under the Gun wasn’t about law and order but more about the chaos of gun control, a reminder of the days when Agents 86 and 99 were assigned to counter the propaganda antics of Operation KAOS in Get Smart on TV.

Not to be outdone, Jesse Winton, movie producer, went one better than Couric with his political action flick, Targeted:  Exposing the Gun Control Agenda, to be seen tonight in theaters across the country (consult your local movie listings).  Neither Couric or Winton’s gun movies are expected to be Oscar winners, although Couric has the inside track with her liberal Hollywood movie buddies. But Winton has the higher calling and, though we’ve only seen his trailer, it seems forthcoming by focusing not on gun control but on people control, which is where the gun debate conflict really resides, by confining the starring cameos to well-known personalities like Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Diane Sawyer, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich, and assorted other actors.

There are not many gun debate movies made these days.  Producer wanna-be’s were discouraged after Michael Moore did Bowling for Columbine back in ’02 (Was that 2002 or 1902?) and copped an Oscar for Best Documentary.  But what did they know about gun control in ’02?  It’s a Gen X and Millennial thing now. Disturbed by continued attacks on the 2A by the salad of new state gun laws, Winton took it upon himself to debunk the claims of Couric as well as America’s “Great Obsessions,” guns and sex, in Is That A Gun In Your Pocket? and now has booked his Targeted flick, coming to a movie house near you for a one-night stand, tonight only. Now that’s determination.

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Alan Korwin

Shouldn’t the Presidential Debate Ask About Guns We Already Have?

ALAN KORWIN | September 26, 2016 — Can “infringement” be defined? Of course it can—and that’s the problem. One political party—the Democrats’ party—is champing at the bit to win the election, so they can go about outlawing firearms they don’t like, which is basically all the good guns we already have. The ones police and the public prefer because they’re the best for everyday decent legal use. Outlawing firearms that are legal is infringement. There, it’s out in the open. You can’t declare property Americans have and can own, and just get away with it. It doesn’t matter how much you justify it and rationalize it or lie and call it common sense or safety. It is none of that.  [read more]

The Man Who Fooled Some of the People Some of the Time

BOB ROGERS | September 20, 2016 — Harry Reid, former Senator, former cop, former boxer, former (thank God) Democratic Majority/Minority Leader, will retire from Congress in January. It is somewhat bewildering that this whisper-voiced and now one-eyed politico Mormon from Searchlight, Nevada, took it upon himself to chastise nearly every name plate on a Washington, DC, desk throughout his career. [read more]

Show Me the Carry

SHELBY MURDOC | September 15, 2016 — Earlier this year Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) vetoed a bill that removed the requirement for a permit to carry concealed firearms in the state. Missouri Senate Bill 656 would have established what is commonly referred to as “Constitutional Carry” and also made the state a “Stand Your Ground” state. Nixon vetoed the bill in June, claiming that it “would make Missouri more dangerous.” The Republican-led legislature overrode the veto and the bill will become law in 30 days.

The bill originally passed quite easily in both chambers of the state legislature, but Nixon’s veto put the civil rights celebration on hold. The state house voted to override the veto by a 112-41 margin. The override vote in the state senate was 24-6. [read more]

Criminals ‘n Guns

STEVE COMUS | September 1, 2016 — Anti-gun interests have a soft spot in their heads when it comes to criminals. They give criminals a pass, while clamping down on law-abiding folks. After all, if the law-abiders aren’t guilty, the antis figure they should at least feel guilty and pay a price for their propriety. That’s why, to them, more gun laws make sense, but only until they can come up with a way to rid society of guns altogether.

Fact: Criminals generally don’t get their guns at legitimate gun shops. Of course not. They’re criminals and criminals don’t follow laws – they break them or at least ignore them. If criminals don’t get their guns at legitimate gun shops, then why is there such bureaucratic overreach when it comes to legal commerce in firearms and ammunition? Because the antis want it that way.  [read more]

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