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From Dollars to Donuts, American Gun Owners Keep the Economy Growing

Thursday, March 23, 2017 — It’s probably sinful to say the least, but I miss my Krispy Kremes. Two years ago the donut chain opened its 1000th store in Kansas City. That was two years after it closed its closest location where I used to get mine, in Billings, Montana, after driving two hours to get there from home. We know, “That’s ridiculous!,” you say. True enough. But that just goes to show how addictive Krispy Kremes are. Just like guns. Shooting, whether for hunting, for targets, for competition sports, for self- or home defense, is also addictive. And the WaPo tells us (actually, the NSSF did) that, during just the Obama years, together we’ve contributed almost $46 billion dollars to the land of the free and the home of the brave. By comparison, Krispy Kreme’s sales by 2014 was around $460 million. Chump change. Thus, guns and ammo outsell Krispy Kreme donuts in America. Hard to believe but, while I can buy my favorite guns and ammo locally, I’d have to go a lot farther for my favorite donut.

As you peruse the staggering graphics in today’s Top Story from the Washington Post you begin to get an idea of why disarming American civilians – aka, gun control – is so difficult to achieve. It’s not just that guns are either fun or dangerous, a tool or a weapon, a necessity or a luxury. Guns and their related products can make or break a local, regional or state economy, provide jobs for hundreds to thousands or leave a gun-unfriendly state in dire economic and political straits which only raises unemployment. And when unemployment is converted into votes, it’s no wonder why so many get-rich-quick politicians think guns are good. And both those factors are why our new president is euphemistically named Trump.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has unloaded much of his checkbook investing in gun control. We understand that maybe his heart is in a good place but, realistically, his investment portfolio is enriched not from trying to control guns like he tried to do in controlling sodas but from other segments that drive stocks upwards into the record breaking 20,000 stratosphere. And that includes manufacturing. And manufacturing includes guns and ammo. A lot moreso than donuts.

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