330 Million Guns In America and National Reciprocity, Suppressors Endanger Police Officers??!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 — “You gotta be kiddin’ me” comes immediately to mind. And cops the nation over are giggling in their Sam Browne’s. Gabby, bless her Giffords soul, has enlisted mostly appointed – not elected – police officials in liberal cities and states as gun control co-conspirators using the National Reciprocity bill, which has yet to see serious Congressional discussion , as the cornerstone of her latest campaign to curtail honest and legal CWP-permit-holding Americans from traveling with their self-protection defensive handguns from L.A. to Louisiana. And, further, she’s determined to leave gun muzzle suppressors up to the dark market to enable more criminals to stifle the sound of their gunfire so that cities using the ShotSpotter technology can’t pin down the location of the perpetrators. Thus, among 330,000,000 legal guns in America only those carried by auto, train, bus or horseback across state lines are a danger to police, especially if the guns are given a clean audiological bill of health.

This being National Police Week, May 14-20, when we honor law enforcement, the occasion represents a good time to show the cop-dependent public that we love our LEOs. We just don’t want to get them shot during our drive from Wyoming to Washington, DC where Donald Trump just told law enforcement how proud we are of what they do and when they do it. We just don’t tell them that before reciprocity becomes the law of the land or we mount a mute snuffer on our 1911.

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