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4 things you need for hunting pigeons

GRANDVIEW OUTDOORS FROM THE ARCHIVES – Pigeons are a huge problem in Idaho. There’s no season and no bag limit, yet the state is still overrun. In wheat fields, corn fields, on dairy farms, in granaries and pretty much everywhere in Idaho, pigeons are there. The state’s pigeon population is unknown, but a local ranch manager told me that one summer he and his buddy killed 1,000 birds and it didn’t even put a dent in the population. Here’s the gear we used to get it done. Decoys: Prior to this hunt, I wasn’t a serious pigeon hunter. Neal Hunt, however, is a serious pigeon hunter.  Hunt, the President/CEO of Soar No More decoys even sells shirts that simple read “Pigeon Hunter” across the chest. After hunting with him, you just might become such a big-time pigeon hunter that you wear that shirt on your flight home — like I did. [full article]

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