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The Mechanics Of Everyday Shooting

Bob Rogers

WEEKEND, Marc 3-4, 2018 — One way or another, new shooters will make mistakes. It’s inherent in humans to have to learn: how to crawl, how to walk, how to speak, how to do any action that gives us independence. Shooting a gun is no different. Yet, every day new shooters come along thinking that they’ve seen enough movies and TV shows where guns are central to the action that they’d know how to do it in a gnat’s ass minute. If you’re one of those, forget about shooting entirely. You’re better off taking up golf.

Most shooters are not shooting addicts. That’s for the competitive set, then the casual hunters followed by weekend warriors. In recent years as crime news grabbed more headlines and assaults on women became just a line under commonplace and the nation’s populace were hit with the scourge of home invasions, people began thinking defensively. Some became aggressive and took the threat seriously. Others not so much, at least not until carjackings became routine. That’s when the notion of self-protection and home defense broke the security barrier.

Now, new shooters are coming on line every day, and gun ranges which used to be almost an afterthought are now nearly oversubscribed with new shooters wanting instruction and training.  So that’s where we begin in this edition of…

Pull The Trigger The Right Way – Competitive Shooting Tips with Doug Koenig 1:12 min.

Professional pistol shooter Doug Koenig shares a quick tip on trigger-finger placement.

AIMING IS USELESS! 3 Secrets To Great Shooting | Rob Leatham 6x IPSC World Champion! 5:21 min.

When it comes to shooting, few are at Rob Leatham’s calibre so when he’s got something to say about shooting, we should pay attention.

How to Determine Your Dominant Eye: Aiming a Pistol – Handgun 101 with Top Shot Chris Cheng 2:45 min.

History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng explains for beginner shooters how to determine their dominant eye to help with their aim. Firearm instructors and experienced shooters are encouraged to watch and share these tips with newcomers to the shooting sports.

How to Stand When Firing a Pistol: Shooting Stance – Handgun 101 with Top Shot Chris Cheng 2:17 min.

Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng demonstrates for beginners the two common stances for pistol shooting and notes that comfort is key when taking an effective shooting stance.

Shooting While Moving: Practical Applications – Shooting Tips from SIG SAUER Academy 9:29 min.

As a follow-up to the video, “Shooting on the Move; Accurately,” SIG SAUER Academy Director Adam Painchaud talks with NSSF’s Dave Miles about the practical application of shooting on the move vs. moving then shooting.

Handguns that are Best for Home Defense – Shooting Tips from SIG SAUER Academy 5:31 min.

SIG SAUER Academy Director Adam Painchaud talks about utilizing a firearm for home defense
and shares some considerations for choosing a handgun that is most suitable home defense.

Handgun Speed Shooting Drill – Competitive Shooting Tips with Doug Koenig 3:12 min.

Champion pistol shooter Doug Koenig shares a tip that can help competitive shooters speed up their shooting and shares a shooting drill developed by Bill Wilson.

We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick 7:13 min.

A day at Taran Tactical.

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