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Going to Extremes For Longbeards

Bob Rogers

Weekend, April 14-15, 2018 — By now spring turkey hunting is in full swing throughout most of the states.  You’ve watched plenty of turkey hunting videos, checked your gear, plotted where you’re going to hunt and brushed up on your calling techniques. What else to do?  You declare yourself ready. And you are, except for….maybe just a few more videos to see how the pros do it; pros like dedicated bowhunters, hunters who are constantly on the move for new challenges, new places to hunt and maybe a challenge or two they haven’t yet experienced.

Thus, we’ve compiled a few vids that we think will both entertain and inform you and help fill your dreams for yet the start of another hunting season. This week we’ll focus on bowhunting for turkeys and take you to some places you might never have visited before to watch and learn new techniques from our female counterparts, and at least one young hunter who may be just old enough to show you a thing or two, at this week’s presentation of…

Rage Turkey X-Treme- Archery Turkey Hunts 1:17 min.

Rage Turkey X-Treme is a broadhead made specifically for turkey hunting. Watch as Melissa Bachman uses her bow across the country and takes out one turkey after another with archery gear. Tons of great footage, non-stop action and turkeys galore!

Amazing Turkey Bowhunt! No Blind! 3:22 min.

This video is about a Tom turkey getting killed by an arrow to the neck.

Turkey hunting with bows double head shots 3:07 min.

Ahead of the Game Outdoors’ staff and brothers Drew and Shawn Szepietowski with a double bow kill while hunting Ohio’s 2014 turkey season.Here are two toms killed with the magnus bullhead at 7 yards away!

2 Turkeys, 1 Shot- Crazy Bowhunting! Bowmar Bowhunting 3:40 min.

What an incredible turkey hunt for us in Florida! I am so grateful for the opportunity and these harvests. I can’t wait to share the wild turkey recipes with y’all!

Turkey Explodes into Back Flip!! Archery Kill in California! 2:53 min.

What goes up, must come down! Pigman: the Series travels to California to hunt Merriam’s turkeys with McGrew Guide Service where they encounter an acrobatic gobbler with some mad skills.

6 yr old Turkey Bow Hunter 1:34 min.

6 Year old youth archery hunter Stewart Korn takes his first Turkey and with a bow from a ground blind with his father Paul Korn of A-1 Archery & Tombstone Creek Outfitting. This Rio Grande Turkey was taken with a single shot from a Mathews Mustang bow as Paul Korn captured the arrow impact on video.

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