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Canned Lead

Bob Rogers

Weekend, May 5-6. 2018 — Growing up, my neighborhood chumbuddy and I were always into something mechanical. Even toys. One of those toys was our choice of either cap guns or zip guns, the latter made of wood cut out into the profile of a cowboy six-shooter but with a wooden clothes pin on the back which was the “hammer’ to launch rubber bands at unsuspecting other neighborhood kids. But, eventually, we got around to real guns and, like most kids, we shot twenty-twos, those “harmless” little rifles and handguns that were the beginner’s guns of choice. In other words, we had no choice. We always wanted something bigger, and “bigger” in those days was a 30-06 rifle or a Colt single action Army 45. At 14 years of age the only thing we got was a parental belly-laugh.

As time sped we eventually graduated to the larger stuff, deer rifles, for instance, but never forgot the wooden boxes of tin cans full of holes. Those were the days of plinking and the beautiful sounds of tin cans and tiny led bullets rattling around inside them. Today many kids get their introduction to guns the same way and always remember the cans full of lead that was our first foray into real shooting.

In remembrance of our initial experience, we’ve dug up some entertainment – plinking, of course IS entertainment designed to keep us, as kids, out of other trouble – that we think you’ll find both entertaining and worthwhile in this edition of…

Kids Backyard Plinking 1:08 min.

Kids shooting the .22s, Ruger American compact and Savage/ Springfield 120A

Daisy Red Ryder vs Tin Cans 0:58 min.

Reliving a bit of my childhood with the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.

Joey Shooting a tin can with his Ruger SR 22 1:15 min.

Joey is really starting to show improvement in his shooting. I can see that down the road he will be giving dad pointers. His big sister and he will be out shooting me all the time (Stacey already does, maybe my eyes? That’s my story…lol)! They are both naturals, I have to work harder at it!

The Flippin’ Critters Walking Target 1:26 min.

From beginner to sniper, a moving target takes a skilled shooter to consistently hit the target every single time a shot is fired. The Flippin’ Critters™ Walking Target™ was designed with a single goal in mind, to make a target that gets more challenging every time you hit it.

How to build a Resetting Can Target 3:07 min.

If you like to shoot any type of gun at a target, then you need to watch this video. In this video I show you how to make the Best Can Target Ever. It is a target that can be shot and repositioned without moving from your shooting position. It is cheap and easy to make. In fact, I made this with some stuff from my garage and you can too. So what are you waiting for, go have fun. Now you have a homemade target for you homemade weapons.

Spinning 5-clay shooting target 1:27 min.

A cheap DIY target system for your .22 plinking

Young Guns: Should Kids Learn How to Shoot Guns? 9:18 min.

Gun groups say education means prevention, but critics argue kids can’t be trusted with guns.

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