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Raging Crossbows

Bob Rogers

Weekend, June 23-24, 2018 — I shot a recurve bow. It was my faith in it (and probably a lot of practice) that put me on the road to bowhunting. I never gave up my love for rifles; my deer gun, for instance was – and still is – a .257 Roberts. My elk rifle was a 7mm Sako. But bowhunting grabbed me, probably not unlike so many other hunters wanting to expand their hunting experiences. I’d guess that to the longbow purist, my recurve was a sinful departure from the righteousness of the ethical balance between hunter and hunted. Then came the compound bow and archery’s world was turned upside down. The controversy raged on for years before some state wildlife agencies established special seasons for bowhunters, just as they had for muzzleloaders. What those moves did was to offer extended seasons for hunters of all persuasions and that was all that was needed for hunters of all stripes to make peace and the controversy was, temporarily at least, laid to rest until…

…until the crossbow hit the trail.

The emotional explosions between not just gun and bow hunters but, now, between longbow, recurve and compound bowhunters was quick to catch fire. A compound, it was claimed, was cheating conjured up by gun hunters just to allow them to have longer hunting seasons without a lot of extra practice. It is true that the skill level of a crossbow user is compensated by the technology itself. Crossbows for the most part are somewhat self-regulating, range distance being the most egregious fault promulgated by the hunter and not the crossbow. The temptation to shoot at game farther than one would with most other bows – some compound bows excepted – is often too much to overcome for the inexperienced crossbow shooter.

But that is all nuts and bolts (excuse the ‘bolts’ reference) and something to be decided by the crossbow aficionado as you’ll see in this presentation of…

Crossbow Turkey Hunt 5:01 min.

In this excerpt from the Outdoor Magazine TV show, host Mike Avery is turkey hunting in his home state of Michigan with a Darton Serpent crossbow. The season starts out slow for Mike, but persistence pays off for the veteran hunter.

Two Hogs With One Shot! – Double Crossbow Kill – Hog Hunting Texas 2:27 min.

So many hogs that Keith Warren kills two with one arrow!

Legendary Whitetail Deer Goes Down with Crossbow 3:36 min.

This is the legendary deer known as Pincushion. He is not a giant, but he is the toughest and most allusive deer that has ever roamed this ranch. He was shot twice before in the previous 2 seasons and survived but became very hard to find. Wade finally gets his chance at old Pincushion and makes a great shot with his TenPoint crossbow.

Ravin R15 Crossbow Drops Tennessee Buck 2:29 min.

Brodie Swisher puts the Ravin R15 crossbow to work on Tennessee whitetails.

Tactical Assault Crossbow! PSE TAC15 Upper for the AR15 5:35 min.

This video is for educational purposes and discussion only. Do not attempt to imitate anything contained herein.

Mini Vertical Crossbow! Hickory Creek Archery 9:47 min.

They get smaller, and smaller, and…

How To Make a Reverse Draw Mini Crossbow | Fast Edition 15:41 min.

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