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5 Reasons Why You Should Hunt Crows

WILDFOWLMAG.COM From the Archives –  Todd Gifford isn’t too interested in dove openers. Sept. 1 is the same day his Minnesota crow season begins.

A blackbird exterminator/duck guide, Gifford has partnered with Federal Ammunition, FA Brand and Stevens Shotguns to put their gear to the test, and on this cool morning we would see hundreds of crows coming off the roost in search of a meal in standing corn.

Gifford was amped, ready for the crow carnage. It happened just like he said, a big adult bird made the first call, circling high above the field, then the juvies bombed us, some maple-leafing in like snow geese over flocked decoys.

“When they commit like that it’s over,” Gifford said with a grin, after we wrecked a small group.

You might be skeptical on chasing crows instead of doves in September. And just like most of you, I’d rather shoot those tasty birds than a dirty crow — well, maybe not after that shoot. But once you’ve killed your share of doves, turn to “The Craw” as Gifford calls them. It can only benefit you come duck season.

Gifford uses flocked decoys and a call to kill crows over corn, just like you would greenheads in December. The blackbirds respond to the call similar to mallards. They don’t bow up and suck in like a duck, but once you have them locked onto the decoys, there’s no escape, because they can’t change direction like a dabbler.  [Read More]

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