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Dove Hunting VIDEOS

Youth Mentor Dove Hunt 2011 4:17 min.

Frank “Poppy” Sadler invites several young men out to experience the fun and fellowship of dove hunting.

Dove Hunting Opening Day 4:42 min.

Opening day of dove season in Kentucky is always an exciting time. Tim hits the dove field for an exciting and successful hunt!

Girls With Guns Hunt Dove Opener 2:00 min.

Jen O’Hara and Callie Wolverton of Girls With Guns Clothing head out to Red Bank Outfitters for the opening day of California Dove Season.

Father Daughter Dove Hunt and Dove Recipe 7:10 min.

Chad joins a couple of father/daughter duos on a fun dove hunt, then one of the ladies cooks up a delicious dove recipe!

Nooner Ranch Whitewing Dove Hunting 5:26 min.

In this clip from Americana Outdoors we learn more about The Duke of Dove and generations
of hunters that head to the Nooner Ranch for fantastic Whitewing Dove Hunting.

Amazing West Coast Dove Hunt on Private Land in Nevada 11:06 min.

Hunting for Doves on private land in Nevada. This is said to be some of the best dove hunting land on the West Coast. We had a great time and harvested nearly 100 doves in a few hours.

How To: Clean and Prepare a Dove the Easy Way Without Making a Huge Mess 6:15 min.

Cleaning and gutting doves can get really messy. Here’s an easy way to clean and prepare your doves for a BBQ. We also demonstrate how we store them for later.

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