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House Passes High Flying Gun Bill; Senate Expected To Shoot It Down

Hopes of Democrats likely to see their flights of fancy comimg within range of Republican wing-shooters

Bob Rogers

House Democrats and their anti-gun allies are celebrating passage yesterday of what they call the most “historic” gun control bill in 25 years. As if it is expected to pass Senate muster, as well. Those counting on the historical record of the last really remarkable gun legislation in 1994 – the assault weapon ban signed into law by Bill Clinton – should probably keep their powder dry, maybe for another 25 years or at least until the Dems can get past, 1) Donald Trump’s reelection, 2) unlikely takeover of the Senate in 2020, possible loss of the House in 2020, and 3) finding a friendly gun control Supreme Court.

To his credit – if that’s the correct assigned value to gun-hating media collusion – even Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP, who serves as a member of Everytown for Gun Safety’s advisory board and is the group’s primary sugar daddy, in an editorial in today’s GunProPlus Gun Headlines news section, acknowledges the frailty of yesterday’s House vote. The news angle played well, as gunflake constituents who should – but don’t – know better about gun politics, shout-waved the good news across their Page Ones yesterday and in today’s continuation as if Trump was writing a refund check for $30 million to the NRA which rallied its troops to Donald’s victory in 2016.

The reality is that the media mainstream did what they were told to do by the Pelosi warriors, flag-waving across the land as if HR8 or its companion HR1112, an enhanced gun background measure which extends the waiting period to pass an FBI background check to buy a gun from 3-days to a minimum of two weeks – or more! – came with a passage guarantee. Republicans in the Senate, led by Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell, are already loaded for that bear.

To gun controllers, any little victory is still a victory as they see it. But the reality is that both chambers of Congress must approve a bill before it can advance to the President for his signature to become law, and President Trump has already declared he’ll veto either one or both bills.  Overriding his veto would be a false hope to the Democrats.

So what’s all the shouting about? That the Pelosi-ites “did something!” about guns, which even the most AOC enthusiast has to see as a momentary (but false) victory.

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