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Snow Bunnies – Weekend at Movies

Snow Bunnies

Bob Rogers

You eat what you can catch or you go hungry. Not exactly the mantra of the Lone Ranger. More like the lonesome stranger. But by the hare of your head, hunting in January is not a total loss because, when the snow starts to fly, those hares emerge in ways you never knew they were even there the rest of the year.  That’s what makes hunting for snowshoe hares so special.

Snow bunnies are the piece of resistance (yeah, well, my French is not so good these days) when the regular hunting season ebbs, flows, and is nevermore, at least until the next autumn rolls around. Until then, however, there’s a load of other critter targets, some, if not most, make for a tasty meal. When you feel overcome by the lack of the regular hunting season, check in with your state game and fish folks to make sure you’re properly documented to hunt snow bunnies. Once you are, grab your shotgun and head for the snow covered hills where you’re likely to find the kind of hunting excitement you may never have known existed.

To prove the point, we’ve collected a few visuals that should warm the cockles of your hunting heart from this edition of…

Epic Hunting Chase of the Canadian Lynx and Snowshoe Hare, 2:53 min.

One of nature’s greatest moments comes to life between 2 animals living in a snow covered terrain, it’s the Epic life or death chase of the Canadian Lynx and the Snowshoe Hare. Epic does not get better than this.

Snow Bunny Survivor, 2:13 min.

A mountain hare runs straight into an avalanche on a snowy mountainside.

Bobcat Prey | Wild Mississippi, 2:41 min.

A bobcat sneaks up on a hungry rabbit emerging from its burrow.

2 Cottontail Rabbits by 20 Ga. Shotgun, 3:25 min.

I walked one or two miles through the snow while hunting small game in New York during the dead of winter, in January 2013. I was mainly hunting cottontail rabbits and ruffed grouse, but I also would have took a pheasant, gray squirrel, red squirrel, or snowshoe hare if I saw one.

How to Hunt Rabbits Without Dogs, An In Depth Guide, 3:31 min.

The Whackstar Hunters never use dogs to hunt rabbits. The main reason is we don’t have any dogs. We have been hunting rabbits this way for over 15 years.

Snowshoe Hare Rabbit Hunting in the Catskill Mountains, 3:54 min.

It’s a rare sight to see a snowshoe hare in the Catskills, but they can be found, after my most recent deer tracking video papa Romes, managed to find them way in the mountains at a lower elevation, so we returned with a young pup to try and find them again!

Amazing Rabbit Hunting, 3:22 min.

We dropped 7 rabbits. The rabbits had no escape from the Whackstars.

Roast Rabbit recipe, 3:40 min.

Cooking wild game has its special rewards.

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