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Weekend at the Movies

Target Practice

Bob Rogers

Every year about this time, after hunting seasons have closed down and the sometimes frigid weather makes TV show sponsors happy as gophers on a golf course, we turn to just about the only available option: target practice. It’s something we do. Like cautiously mentioning to “the little woman” (whatever that is) that, instead of going out for dinner on weekends, you’d prefer a cozy night at home – just the two of you – watching NBA games, despite the fact that she absolutely HATES sports unless it’s the grandkids who are playing and she’d really prefer that you both go sit in a sweat-stinking school gym watching other kids bounding up and down the bleachers spilling soda and popcorn in all directions, despite the signs that say “No food or drink allowed” inside the gym.

Or…that other option.

Target practice, so-called, is often left to the sound of gunfire addicts who have to be told by others to put their “ears” on before squeezing juice out of a trigger.  While that’s not as uncommon as one might think, it is just one of the many variations you’ll run into as you grab your gear and holler “Guns Up!” as you head for the door.  Some examples are just ahead in this week’s…

Target Shooting | Let it Ride, 1:57 min

Zach is spending the day as a cop but his shooting skills aren’t up to par.

This 10-year-old knows how to use a gun, 1:03 min.

Meet Shyanne Roberts, a 10-year-old competitive shooter who is out to prove kids with guns don’t always mean disaster.

American Hoggers: Family Target Practice, 1:36 min.

Jerry and Robert take turns trying to show the other up on the shooting range.

GUNBEATS – Target Practice On Beat – by Jim Huish, 1:30 min.

Dig it, Swing with it, and learn how to increase your timing for better accuracy.

Police Shooting Drill, 3:19 min.

A police officers handgun is probably the least used of all the equipment which they carry on a daily basis. But when it is used, it will be in a life threatening situation. Aaron Roberts will demonstrate why it is important to practice shooting on the move.

…And, if you’re falling asleep while viewing the weekend movies, try target shooting this way. It’s a real wakeup call:

Shooting Under Canopy, 2:10 min.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot under canopy? We did, and we met up with our friends at Erathr3 and the “best of the best” to make it happen.

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