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OK – GUN RIGHTS – Sheriff declares Logan County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary (VIDEO)

Sheriff Damon Devereaux in Logan County is declaring it the state’s first 2nd Amendment sanctuary county. He says he will oppose any laws he thinks will infringe on gun rights and won’t enforce them. This year, state lawmakers have proposed a number of bills that would change Oklahoma’s gun laws. One would limit magazine capacities, and another would ban assault weapons in certain places. Rep. Jason Lowe has filed another petition to repeal constitutional carry. “I would say it’s my right as a constitutional sheriff to, if a law comes down that we feel is a violation of the constitution, that we will not support that law,” Devereaux said. Sheriff Devereaux says some of those bills are concerning. He says he would oppose a federal red flag law too, and wouldn’t enforce it. “This is the first step, in my opinion, to let the federal government and stuff like that know that we value this right and we’re going to defend it,” Devereaux said. Since last year’s law change, Oklahomans can carry guns without training or a permit. If you don’t have a criminal history, buying one is pretty easy too. “If you pass a background check, it will take less than a half an hour to purchase a firearm,” said Terry Pennington, the owner of Terry’s Gun and Pawn, just a few blocks from the sheriff’s office. Pennington supports the sheriff’s declaration and says most people he sells to are using guns for sport or are just trying to protect themselves. “Quite frankly you can set here till hell freezes over and that gun’s not going to kill anybody unless somebody picks it up that’s got a bad intent,” Pennington said.  [full article]

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