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CA – GUN CONTROL – Fresno’s Emergency Declaration allows halt to gun sales, alcohol sales, other broad powers

The City of Fresno has now declared a “state of emergency,” and doing so grants the city wide-ranging powers under its “Emergency Services Ordinance.” Fox26 News asked for and got a copy of the full ordinance. Among other things, after an emergency declaration, it allows the city to: 1. Suspend the sale of firearms and ammo. 2. Suspend the sale of alcohol. 3. Order a general curfew. 4. Order the closing of all taverns. 5. Order a price or rate freeze on consumer goods and on hotels if lodging is limited. 7. Order a halt to gasoline sales, except as fuel pumped into vehicles’ gasoline tanks. 8. Order the closing of any business where crowds “tend to gather,” including theaters, amusement areas, gyms, stadiums, etc. Fox26 News reached out to the City Government to ask if the ordinance has been challenged in court, or if it has survived a legal challenge.  [full article]

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