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AZ – HOME DEFENSE – Arizona Home Defense sees high demand for gun-safety classes amid COVID-19

Guns are flying off the shelves during the pandemic. But before you’re triggered to buy one, experts say you must know how to use it. “A lot of this is panic buying. So when you start purchasing something because you are afraid, the big concern is that you are not going to know what to do with it,” said Virgil Bland, owner of Arizona Home Defense. Bland said there is a huge demand for gun training classes right now, especially from first-time gun owners. “Something they have never done before, something they have no experience with. A lot of times, I am getting calls of people going, ‘This is not something that I ever planned on doing,'” said Bland. That is why Bland is offering one-on-one handgun training classes. They are outside, and instructors are practicing social distancing. “We have the opportunity to keep the COVID protocols running and making sure people are also getting the training they need,” said Bland. Bland said they have added more classes because of the demand. To learn more, go here. Bland said if you are not able to take any classes, he recommends at least using the lock on your gun and keeping it in a safe.  [full article]

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