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SC – GUN RIGHTS – Pro-gun SC ‘militia’ group plans rally in Columbia at the same time as BLM march

The marching band might not be able to make it, but One Republic Militia will be rallying in Columbia nonetheless. Members of the “well regulated militia,” as founder Jon Truett prefers the group to be described, will be coming together at the State House on Friday, he said. If the militia’s rally goes off as planned, its members will be converging on the capitol’s grounds at the same time as social justice organizations including Black Lives Matter South Carolina, which have a weekend full of marches and protests in Columbia and at the State House. Truett was looking for a marching band to play at the militia’s rally but the band couldn’t make it, he said on social media. Truett described the militia as Second Amendment supporting “American patriots” who are tired of seeing “the crime, the violence and the destruction.” One Republic Militia stands for “our nation, the Constitution, religious freedom, and against systematic eradication of American history,” its website says. “We stand against Democratic socialism; The violence, killing, burning, looting being perpetrated on the American citizens by domestic terrorist.” On the group’s Facebook page it has shared posts comparing Black Lives Matters with Antifa and calling both “domestic terrorists.” While that may put One Republic Militia at odds with Black Lives Matters, Truett said his group will be peaceful as the two groups hold simultaneous rallies at the State House. “We’re not coming to be violent. We’re not coming to have issues. We’re not coming to run our mouths and start a bunch of crap,” Truett said. The Columbia Police Department is bolstering its ranks for the rallies with agents from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, according to the state agency.  [full article]

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