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OK – HUNTING – Elk archery season underway

One of the most unique hunting opportunities in Oklahoma is happening this week. The first part of the Private Lands Elk hunting season opened yesterday (Oct. 3) and runs through Oct. 7 for areas of Southwest Oklahoma. The state is divided into seven different zones for elk hunting. Southwest Oklahoma has the best elk hunting in the state due to excessive herds in the Wichita Mountains that have moved their range to private lands. Last year hunters harvested 376 elk statewide, with 277 of those coming from Comanche County. Kiowa county and Caddo counties had 42 and 13 elk harvested respectively. The special Southwest Zone includes all private lands of Caddo, Comanche and Kiowa counties. Archery season in this zone is a split season running Oct. 3-7 and Dec. 5-9. Gun hunters can get in on the elk action during the gun portion of the season. That season runs Oct. 8-11 and Dec. 10-13. While there is no muzzleloader season in the SW Zone, an additional antlerless gun season will be held this ear Nov. 21 — Dec. 6 and Jan 1-31. There will also be a youth season for young hunters Oct. 16-18. Consult hunting regulations for the ages. Bag limits for the Southwest Zone are two elk, regardless of sex, one of which must be antlerless. It is easier than ever for hunters to get in on the elk season. Changes have been made to make it easier for hunters to get elk permits. The first is that elk licenses are now available for purchase at any license dealer or online at wildlifedepartment.com. All elk hunters must obtain an elk license prior to hunting elk. The elk license and written permission from the landowner, or where appropriate the lessee (tenant), must be carried on the person while hunting elk. Elk hunters may only hunt on those lands for which they have written permission. Landowners, operators and immediate family are exempt from the written permission.  [full article]

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