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SD – HUNTING – South Dakota hasn’t sold as many licenses to nonresident pheasant hunters so far this year

Hunters from outside South Dakota have purchased fewer licenses for pheasants than in the recent past. The state Game, Fish and Parks Commission heard Thursday that sales to nonresidents as of November 1 were down in several pheasant-related categories. “Certainly not what we were hoping for,” said Heather Villa, wildlife administration chief. The 2020 season runs through January 31. Villa said there’s still potential for sales. “We’re hoping to recover from that,” she said. Her comments came after a presentation on the more-intensive marketing this year by the state Tourism Department and the Game, Fish and Parks Department, Their campaign aims at increasing pheasant license sales. Nonresidents have exceeded resident hunters pursuing pheasants in South Dakota for most of the past two decades, according to a GFP summary. Last year 47,403 residents and 63,801 nonresidents reportedly hunted pheasants. Many South Dakota residents buy licenses that would allow them to hunt pheasants but they don’t. The 2007 season saw a record for nonresidents, with 77,788 residents and 103,048 from outside South Dakota. The sales report for nonresidents in 2020 showed: Small game license sales of 41,859, compared to 41,955 last year and a three-year average 42,804. Youth small game license sales of 1,189, compared to 1,000 last year and a three-year average 1,148. Annual shooting preserve license sales of 261, compared to 250 last year and a three-year average 278. Five-day shooting preserve license sales of 7,191, compared to 8,459 last year and a three-year average of 8,308.  [full article]

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