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DC – GUN CONTROL – These are the first measures Joe Biden wants to implement

The US Democrat and President-elect Joe Biden has announced a series of measures and initiatives for the time of his presidency. Top consultants have been quietly working for months on how best to implement his agenda. According to this, hundreds of employees have prepared to start their work in various federal agencies. Although power transfers could always involve abrupt changes, the move from Trump to Biden will be “one of the most astonishing in American history,” writes the paper. The team of advisors have put together a list of Biden’s campaign promises to help officials make their first decisions. Coal phase-out, climate change, sector coupling: the briefing for the energy and climate sector. For decision-makers and experts from business, politics, associations, science and NGOs. (Skip).

WEAPON LAWS: Biden and his Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have already announced that they will work for stricter gun laws. Biden, Vice President under Barack Obama, who also advocated stricter regulation of weapons, proposes a ban on the sale of automatic weapons and their magazines, similar to the rules that were in place until 2004. Anyone who already owns such a rifle should either hand it over to the government or at least register it. The plans are likely to meet with fierce opposition from the influential gun lobby organization NRA.  [full article]

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