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AZ – GUN RIGHTS – Gun owners, rejoice! Soon, you can pack heat in all those unsafe places, like the library

This weekend, I plan to work up my nerve, swallow down my fear, throw caution to the wind and walk right into one of those daunting places where danger lurks around every corner, where catastrophe could strike at any moment. Yep, I’m going to the library. Every day all over Arizona, people take their lives into their own hands as they go in search of their next great read. That’s because in Arizona, you can’t legally take your AR-15, your Glock 19 or even your trusty Saturday night special into the public library. Fortunately, the Arizona Legislature is on it.

You can pack there with a permit, bill says.  It’s an annual rite of passage at the state Capitol: What can we do this year to get guns into ___________ (fill in the blank)? The Legislature long ago made it legal to carry concealed weapons, provided you get proper training. Then, the training requirement was thrown out. These days, Arizona allows guns in bars and restaurants and in public-school parking lots, though we draw the line at bringing them inside schools. For now, at least. [full article]

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