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Parkland Was an Inside Job

Despite the threats from liberal Democrats, gun control may have run its course

Three years ago Nicholas Cruz, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School wandered through the halls and classrooms he briefly attended and opened fire in a mass shooting that killed 17 students and teachers and sparked a gun control resistance movement authored by grown-ups and adult professionals who used the horrible massacre as another launch pad opportunity for modern gun control. Who, or what, do you blame: Cruz, the former/sometimes student? The gun, an AR-15 rifle? The school, which should have prepared for mass killings – Remember, Parkland wasn’t the first; that title was achieved in Colorado at Columbine High School by two former students April – 20, 1999. Similar shootings have followed.  We’re all pretty much familiar with the schools and the criminals involved at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook (CT), Umpqua (OR), Santa Fe (TX), etc.

Beginning last year, this publication briefly began a section entitled K-12 GUN HEADLINES that profiled a significant number of high schools where some students have been found carrying guns in backpacks and other travel gear.

When the coronavirus hit and schools were closed, those stories obviously stopped. Yet, during a full year of publishing K-12 gun-related stories, not once did we find schools that were responding to the “fix this” demands of students’ parents, some of whom wanted inaccessible borders around schools, locked entrances to school buildings, and other enhancements meant to protect students from those few mentally disturbed individuals who, like Nicholas Cruz, could open up on fellow students and teachers for whatever reason and, thus, extending the possibilities for future school shootings.

The point here is that, while nearly all gun control groups are quick to want new legislation to cover anybody with a gun, or those who want to buy one for self-protection, they’re looking in all the wrong places. The guns schools don’t want are already there by way of existing students’ backpacks and lockers. That those events still make for mainstream media coverage to tell the parents and school officials that the danger may lay within their own school walls, not outside of them.

All schools should have not just spoken or written regulations but metal detectors and, where necessary, Xrays to determine that guns don’t get past the front doors. Anything less should come draped in sure-to-follow letters from hungry lawyers who see guns in schools not as news but as opportunities.

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