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A Cake Without Icing Is Just Crumbs

Bob Rogers

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 – Nancy Pelosi likened $1,000 bonuses paid to some employees as a result of the GOP tax cuts to “crumbs.” So, too, are the many comments of the political left – media included – on what may turn out to be just crumbs of the current gun control status. One that reached our desk today is from Mother Jones which ran a piece on TEAM Enough, “a new youth advocacy wing of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.” The story attempts to create the impression that the Parkland school shooting students who have been recruited by Brady are finding success just by busing to Washington DC to confer with Congress about securing their votes for gun control. Mother Jones touted the efforts as “an innovative approach for putting lawmakers on the record ahead of the midterm elections.” Innovative? The NRA has been criticized for doing that for decades.

So what are we to think about TEAM Enough and Brady’s legislative targets? First, their success has come from Democrats, not exactly a revelation. That’s like a kid going into a candy store expecting to see candy. Legislatively, these gun controllers, regardless of their young age, are only parroting the adults in the room.  They’re calling for “three common-sense gun control measures: expanded background checks, a ban on ‘assault weapons,’ and a “red flag” bill. Democrats who agree to co-sponsor all three propositions will receive – whoopee! – a “passing” grade; some who only co-sponsored the items get an “incomplete” grade; and – horrors! – those who passed on all three are sent to the corner of the room wearing a dunce hat.

The point here is that there’s nothing new. This stuff is all old hat, no cattle. Time and again, the gun controllers continue lambasting Republicans – fine; there’s little else to do at recess – while currying favor with Democrats. Seems like a wasted investment with no return. A frustrated Michael Bloomberg has committed $80 million to electing Democrats to the House come November. There are enough disaffected partisans out there that they’ll turn a few congressional seats but unless something drastic changes over the next five months, Congress is likely to look just about the same as it is now.

What that means is – Max Waters aside – Trumpism is on a roll. Democrats know it. Republicans need to not become over-confident. The Supreme Court is being re-shaped into the image of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Now THAT’s icing on the cake.

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