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A Strange Paradox: Being Careful What You Wish For

Bob Rogers

When it comes to guns, the gun controllers now own the media. Anxious to stem losses in ad revenue from their print products, the media has turned to rallying for more gun control following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting by one of their students in mid-February. Joining the rallying cry for another gun ban is likely to have even greater political consequences in the 2020 national elections.

With the somewhat unexpected rise to the presidency of Donald Trump, pro-gun advocates settled in and halted their binge buying of guns that began during the Obama Administration. Fear that the Democrats of that day would try to take away their guns, the gun rights crowd launched the greatest sales movement ever seen. One result was what the anti-gun media labeled the Trump Slump, as gun sales slowed to a crawl following the gun safety net election of Donald Trump.

But there’s a price to pay for that.

Democrats are eager to rid the White House of Trump and to retake the House and the Senate, the latter of which their only deficit is two seats. So it is very possible that the mid-term elections of 2018 — just seven months from now — could result in a Democrat takeover of the Senate. Given that several Republican members of the House have chosen to vacate seats rather than run for reelection may see Democrats once again control Congress.

The cherry on that sundae would be the 2020 presidential election of a Democrat to replace Trump. Given the Democrat penchant for gun control, they’d hope to elect another gun control chief executive. If that happens, the gun industry would again prosper and new gun sales will once again fill the cash coffers of the nation’s retail giants.

So what to do will be the new challenge for gun controlling Democrats. A Dem president will spark a new sales surge; a reelection of Trump will maintain the existing sales slump. The Supreme Court has no option than to react constitutionally to the terms of the Second Amendment which they, themselves, harbored into infamy.

Gun control is the new polio of our time. In an earlier day the disease wrought fear through the country. Today, cancer and cardiac disease rule even as new challenges are being met to overcome those potentially fatal afflictions. Guns will never be removed from existing personal inventories unless Democrats decide that anarchy in the streets of America is what they really want.

If it is, all they need do is to elect another anti-gun president and they will get what they deserve.

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