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Accu-Tac’s New Product, the HD-50!

The HD-50 was designed for the 50 BMG caliber platform. This is our Heavy Duty and most robust bipod. The arm lock lugs are larger to withstand the heavy recoil of a 50 BMG. This bipod has the ability to cant and has a very sturdy throw lever. The lever allows you to adjust the tension and enhance the ability to lock the canting motion into place. The legs can be extended into nine different height options. Its wider center hub delivers more stability and strength to support larger heavier rifles.

MATERIAL: 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy
MIN HEIGHT: 7″- 177.8mm ?
MAX HEIGHT: 10″- 254.0mm
MIN STANCE: 13.5″- 342.9mm
MAX STANCE: 17″- 444.5mm
WEIGHT: 27.5 oz
COATING: Type III – Hard Anodize
Position length 9″
Closed Position Width:5.5″

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