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Adult-Sized Red Ryders Available in Two Kits for a Limited Time

Rogers, AR (September 24, 2018) – Daisy Outdoor Products, the most-recognized name in airguns worldwide and maker of the famous Red Ryder BB gun, has finally answered the calls of consumers for an adult-sized Red Ryder (Model 1938ARR). The bigger Red Ryder comes in two kits available only through www.daisy.com.

Fans of the classic Red Ryder, which nearly everyone marks as their first gun, have been calling for a full-sized version for years. It makes a perfect companion to the youth version so mentor and youth can shoot the same gun.

The new adult-sized Red Ryder is available in two kits. The first kit is for shooters who already have a regular sized Red Ryder. It includes the new Model 1938ARR, a Rocket Shot Target Launcher so you and your youth can shoot together, shooting glasses (so no-one shoots their eye out) and a tube containing 350 BBs.

The second kit is perfect for new shooters or as the perfect Christmas gift for two. It includes the new Model 1938ARR, a regular-sized Red Ryder Model 1938, the Rocket Shot Target Launcher, shooting glasses and a tube of 350 BBs.

The Model 1938ARR is available in a very limited number so shop while supplies last.

For more information go to www.daisy.com, and hashtag #itallstartswithadaisy on Facebook and Instagram.

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