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AK – HUNTING – Alaska Congressional Delegation Applauds Park Service Rule for Hunting and Trapping in Alaska National Preserves

Today, the Alaska Congressional Delegation (all R-Alaska) applauded the National Park Service’s (NPS) announced final rule that amends its regulations for hunting and trapping in Alaska national preserves, removing a 2015 Obama administration rule limiting harvest practices, which are otherwise permitted by the state of Alaska and federal law. This rule provides for Alaska residents who rely on state law to engage in their traditional hunting practices. “This final rule protects Alaska’s hunting and fishing traditions and upholds longstanding states’ rights,” said Chairwoman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Lisa Murkowski. “I thank the Department for bringing the rule into alignment with Alaska’s statutes and regulations and restoring Alaska’s authority to determine the best practices for wildlife management on all Alaska lands.”  [full article]

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