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AL – GUN RIGHTS – New bill would create a state database for concealed carry permits

A bill sponsored by Rep. Proncey Robertson, R-Mount Hope, would create a state database of concealed carry gun permits for law enforcement, and would institute a lifetime carry permit. Robertson said a standardized permitting process and database would create uniformity in permitting across the state and help protect police officers. “In Alabama, we do not have accurate enough records for a law enforcement officer to make a determination on the street of whether a person is prohibited to carry or not,” Robertson told Alabama Daily News. This new database would be run by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. It could be updated with court records when someone is convicted of a crime that prohibits them from having a concealed carry permit. Robertson, a former Decatur police officer, said this will update Alabama’s antiquated permit system and help save lives. “It drastically improves the safety of the officers out there, so when law enforcement talks about how the permit system is a tool, this makes it a real tool,” Robertson said. Sen. Randy Price, R-Opelika, is sponsoring the same bill in the Alabama Senate. Currently, each county has its own permit system which is run through the sheriff’s office. Alabama citizens can get an one-year or five-year permit if he or she has not been convicted of any disqualifying crimes. Convictions of any Class A or B felony involving serious physical injuries, such as murder, rape, robbery, burglary or kidnapping, prohibit a permit.  [full article]

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