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AL – LE – Airsoft gun design may be too realistic for law enforcement’s taste (VIDEO)

Is this a real gun or just a toy? You’ve already had longer to answer a question that doesn’t directly affect your life right now, a question police officers have to answer in a split second, with an answer that could be life threatening for officers or the person holding it. “We were surprised at how real it actually looked,” is how Irondale Police Sgt. Michael Mangina described an airsoft gun brought to a school in 2014. A new investigation found making these toy guns look as realistic as possible isn’t just art, it’s profitable for real gun companies. “They were essentially sharing in the profits from these Airsoft guns,” says journalist Alain Stephens. Stephens writes about licensing agreements between big gun companies like Colt and Sig Sauer, and major Airsoft gun manufacturers that paid millions for the right to make the guns look as real as possible. “They had brokered all sorts of deals going back 20 years,” Stephens says. “We actually found photos of the then-CEO of Cyber Gun Jerome Marsac shaking hands with Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47, they’re toasting vodka. The specifics about how much money was being transferred is still secretive and proprietary, but we estimate it’s up into the millions.”  [full article]

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