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AL – RETAILERS – Ammo sales surge at Alabama gun shops

Don Lankford unlocked the doors 20 minutes early Saturday to accommodate the frantic crowds rushing into his Opelika store. But these shoppers, worried about the coronavirus pandemic, weren’t seeking bottled water, medicine, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. They were in a search for guns, ammunition, body armorer and other self-protection essentials. “Literally, they are nervous,” said Lankford, owner of Southern Survival for the past six years. “(Customers) are saying they are stocking up. I tried to order as much as I could last week, and we have a good supply right now. But it’s looking like (it could be similar to) Walmart and toilet paper.” Retail gun stores and shooting ranges are reporting a surge of interest in mostly ammunition as uncertainty continues to loom over the virus spreading and the potential that some people may have to quarantine themselves. Lankford said he’s not seen a surge of sales like this since the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando in 2016, when gunmakers saw an increase in activity  as speculation rose over the potential of tougher gun control measures following a mass shooting that killed 49 people and injured 53.  [full article]

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