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AL – Retailers – ‘Unprecedented’: Business still booming for local firearm dealers

Area firearm dealers are profiting from the growing schism of political ideologies as conservatives continue flocking to gun stores after Congress confirmed election results last week. Gun stores reported an increase in demand starting in March at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and numbers have remained steady since that time. Since then, near-constant civil unrest has steadied the trend. “It’s been pretty crazy,” Southern Outdoors gun department sales associate Rob Draper said on Monday. “Ever since COVID, gun sales have skyrocketed and then the election…” David Bryant, manager of operations at Pawn City, said 2020 was the best year the store has had in 21 years and noted its growing customer base consists of more first-time gun owners than in past years. “Protection seems to be the idea, especially with people who have never had guns before,” he said. Everybody has their own idea. Everybody has their own narrative to why they think they need a gun.” Citing personal protection or home defense, buyers are shopping for a variety of different guns — handguns, shotguns, and AR-15s.  [full article]

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