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AL – SELF-PROTECTION – Alabama bill to allow gun owners to concealed carry without permit (VIDEO)

The sale of guns and ammo has been at an all-time high since 2020. It’s part of why an Alabama lawmaker is proposing another gun bill in the 2021 Alabama Legislature Session. Republican State Senator Gerald Allen wants Alabamians to have the option of carrying a concealed weapon with or without a permit. It’s a bill Senator Allen has proposed in previous years, which has failed. “You should have the right without having to go through a government agency to get permission to conceal a weapon with a small fee. I don’t think the constitution says that,”

Sheriffs in each county in Alabama are responsible for issuing concealed carry permits. Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran has been leading the push to kill these types of bills. He said permits keep guns out of the wrong hands. “It assures the rest of our citizens that if someone is carrying a concealed permit, they’ve had a background check done on them,” Sheriff Cochran said.

The cost of a concealed carry permit varies between counties. Prices can range from under $10 to $50 or more. Under state law the money from pistol permits can be used at the sheriff’s discretion. “Many are glad to pay it when they realize that the fee that they do pay is used in law enforcement and better and further protect them with law enforcement services,” Cochran said. “It shouldn’t be on the backs of law-abiding citizens to respect the rules of law to fund a slush fund for the sheriff’s department,” Senator Allen said. The senator said he’s not calling for the total elimination of permits. He just wants to give Alabamians the option to get it or not. He also argues there are other flaws with the permit law.  [full article]

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