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America’s Political Division Over Guns and Babies

Bob Rogers

Friday, October 5, 2018 – The tribal approach to social intervention in this country has a two-word label: Donald Trump.

President Trump, reviled by one tribe and tepidly revered by another, is the Great Divider that has unmasked the passions of all Americans.  You’re either for him or against him. If partisan divisions are even reasonably accurately connected at the hip, you are either a liberal or a conservative, a Democrat or a Republican. There is no in-between.  Not even Libertarian or Independent, both of which are only hopes and dreams of a political yesteryear.

The current dog fight perpetrated by the current Senate Judiciary Committee is over who controls the future of just two things, guns and abortion.

The Right argues that guns must be constitutionally protected unlike abortion which should be fashioned according to considerations on who God has judged must live or die. Neither, in this day and age, should be arguable.

Yet here we are at the precipice of difficult decision-making: The Left wants to outlaw the right to self-protection totally, while giving total access to birth at the hands of an ideological motherhood. One is constitutional as created by men; the other is godforsaken by fiefdom.

What we witnessed during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings over Judge Brett Kavanaugh was not to determine if he was qualified in jurisprudence sufficiently enough to be nominated – that was a no-brainer – but what his position was on guns and abortion. Nothing else mattered.

So, given the sewer sludge vitriol expressed by the Democratic members of the committee – with maybe one exception,  Chris Coons of Delaware – they gang-tackled Judge Kavanaugh committing every conceivable egregious low level attack they could conjure up and in the process made former First Lady Michelle Obama appear like a sideshow Tarot card fortune teller selling water to a sailor. In a well-documented speech Michelle Obama made the statement, “When they go low, we go high.”

How, we wonder, would Michelle rate what she surely saw when, during the Senate Judiciary hearings questioning Judge Kavanaugh, her fellow Democrats verbally squatted  as low as a septic tank and “ler ‘r fly” all over the Senate Hearing room.

Because of Judge Kavanaugh’s faith – he’s Catholic and thus pro-life – that makes him automatically the nemesis of Roe v Wade, despite his declaration that it is “settled law.” The rabid left doesn’t trust him and maybe they’re right if that decision ever again came before the Supreme Court.  The chances of that are likely slim to none.

Similarly, the Judge has already resisted efforts to ban civilian version clones of military rifles and has a record of favoring the Second Amendment.

Not even more to the point, President Trump galls the slimy Left that rallies mostly low information  civilians to verbally – and in some cases even bodily – attack conservatives, especially if they’re enjoying Washington’s night life restaurants and any place else that Maxine Waters declares off limits to all Republican politicians.

The past three weeks have been a revelation to conservatives and especially political fence sitters who, not allowed to be immersed in facts, are easily led by the political prophets of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals songbook.

As this is written, Judge Kavanaugh will be nominated to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice.  That’s where he belongs. And what that does – happily we might add – is to watch the mudslide of today’s delirious Democrat Party as it slowly but surely slips into oblivion. Even upright Democrats have acknowledged that outcome.

Basically, for all that today’s Democrat Party leaders have done, they will now pay for their sins. Many of us grew up in the Democratic Party when it was something that today’s Democrats wouldn’t recognize.  At one time in its heyday, it was the bedrock of unionism, yet another pipedream that was once effectively heralded as an effective tool  for organized workers until it became overstuffed with itself.

That’s what has happened to the Democratic Party and what’s left  has finally been revealed as the extraneous matter on the bottom of the political waste  repository. Come November, Democrats may have nothing left with which to bargain.  Better that they consult with “Justice” Kavanaugh on the location of the nearest confessional.

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