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An “F” Rating from NRA Welcomed by Gun Control Office Seekers

GUNPROPLUS.COM  November 6, 2018 – As gun rights supporters head to the polls today they are fully aware that Democrat candidates are boasting about the NRA’s infamous grading system.

While past election campaigns have highlighted mostly conservative and some moderate leaning candidates running for office that have earned an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, recipients have openly boasted about their gun rights “creds,” say pro-gun supporters.

This election appears to have turned the corner, however, with Democrats boasting about gaining an “F” rating from the NRA as a tacit Badge of Courage that they hope will bring reluctant gun control voters out to the polls.

Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Brian Mast (R-FL) have both surrendered their previous NRA “ A” grading in favor of bold-faced “F’s, ” according to a New York Times report.

The NRA rating system usually includes some NRA funding to the candidates’ campaigns.  Ryan, however, donated the NRA money he received to gun control groups such as Everytown For Gun Safety in America, thus earning him a resounding “F” from the gun rights organization, said the NYTimes report.

Mast earned his “F” rating after he changed his pro-gun rights position following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida last February. He now says he supports a ban on “assault weapons,” bump stocks, and wants universal background checks as well as raising the age limit to purchase firearms from 18 to 21. He did say, however, that he would not support any ban that ended up confiscating ”existing legally owned firearms.”

Everytown said yesterday that an “F” rating from the NRA constitutes a “badge of honor.” [full article]

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