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And You Thought Headless Chickens Were Scary

GRUNGE.COM From the Archives – What should you do if you encounter a rattlesnake in your backyard? Well, you can keep your distance and hope it goes on to live a life of peace and harmony and it never bites your children. Or, you can decapitate it with a shovel. According to CNN, that’s what Milo Sutcliffe did, but then the head of the decapitated snake enacted some cold revenge and bit him on the hand when he tried to pick it up. Now, getting bit by a headless snake is not the same as getting bit by a whole snake. A headless snake doesn’t have all its faculties intact. So while a head that’s still attached to its body may be able to regulate its venom delivery, a headless snake just lets loose with whatever it has because hey, why not. It’s not like it’s ever going to have another chance.  [full article]

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