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And You Thought Only Men Were Animals

It’s now revealed: The fairer sex is no longer just fair. They’re murderous. Thus, they extend into the human realm.  Or so it sometimes seems. Boys and other boys, girls and other girls have fought for, among other things like weight lifting the 340-lb. offensive guard over one’s head or wearing matching outfits (when one girl thought she had the market cornered on her newest cleavage-revealing top paired with really tight tiny butt designer polka-dot leggings), for at least the last couple of decades. Turns out, they didn’t. But that didn’t stop them from fighting even as modern day Neanderthals.

Just to keep their differences intact, male and female anything are always duty bound to fight for their personal territory. Or to protect the ones they love. Thus, when animals of any creation get together it’s a safe bet that at some point there’s going to be a disagreement and, as we all know, the only way to settle differences is to fight tooth and nail…or claw, if that’s the only available option, example s of which you might recognize in this presentation of…

Homewrecking Penguin | Animal Fight Night, 2:57

A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin.

Male Bison Fight for Harem Rights, 3:10

During mating season, the bulls fight over who will have the right to mate with over fifty females.

Snake vs King Cobra Real Fights, 2:40

Two slithering opponents fight to see who gets first crack at a mouse. Or something.

A Wolverine Showdown in Alaska, 3:09

Wolverines are some of Alaska’s fiercest land predators and they will do whatever it take to protect their food.

Face to Face with the American Badger! 4:38

The Internet has made the Honey Badger a true celebrity but in the wake of its stardom North America’s Badger has gone a bit unnoticed…until now!

Ozzy Man Reviews: Mongoose vs Lions, 2:13

Here’s me commentary on mongoose vs lions.

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