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Animals in Winter VIDEOS

XXHow bunny rabbits stay warm, 2:59 min.

Jeff the Nature Guy explains how wild rabbits are adapted to stay warm as the cold winter weather sets in.

Top 10 Ways Animals Survive the Winter, 1:24 min.

Baby it’s cold outside, but animals aren’t worried about the chilly winter weather. Check out this top ten list to see how animals get through the long, cold, snowy months of winter.

Wild Moments: How animals warm-up in winter weather, 2:05 min.

How do animals stay warm in the winter? Why does the fur of white tailed deer change color when it’s cold outside? Jack Hubley has the answers in this week’s Wild Moments.

Winter Wildlife – NDGNF, 2:16 min.

How do pheasants, deer and other wildlife survive during extreme cold temperatures? Mike Anderson explains in this week’s segment of North Dakota Outdoors.

North American Wild Turkeys Surviving in Deep Snow a True Hardship. 30% won’t make it. 2:15 min.

These are wild turkeys just passing through my backyard. They criss-cross several times a day and go to the woods where there is still unfrozen water coming to the surface. They have been feeding on hazelnuts and forage in nearby fields for leftover corn.

Squirrels Seek Warmth in Winter by Snuggling, 1:02 min.

These Smith’s Bush Squirrels in South Africa choose to snuggle. Squirrels are social animals and also use this snuggle time for mutual grooming.

Your Christmas tree can help animals in winter 1:53 min.

Your Christmas tree can help animals survive the winter! Even some that have not hibernated because they’ve been orphaned! Many animals can eat or find shelter in your old tree!

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