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Another Shot at the ATF’s F&F Embarrassment

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 — It’s as if they didn’t care, Trump’s trumpers, still circling the wagons as another opportunity goes by to hold accountable those in governmental high places to take on yet another round in the fight over Fast and Furious. Maybe it’s because the President’s dance card is still in the process of being filled. A man with little to no experience in the building blocks of bureaucracy is still boot high in the swamp that is Washington politics.Do with it what you will but the ATF – more formally known as the BATFE – is still smoking something and the stink hasn’t gone away. One wonders why, and just shrugs. But former top dogs are still roaming the streets dropping their digestive remains wherever they want while howling at the joke they played upon congressional jurisprudence.

Make no mistake; the ATF is still filled with good guys and good gals who are the acquiescence of good regulatory soldiers and of friendly acquaintance with the gun industry and gun dealers. It exhibits yearly at the SHOT show where it responds to the questions of firearms retailers who are constantly torn between law and order even when the order part is nothing more than coffee and a donut.

Two good guys have been killed, and an important regulatory arm seems to have been cut off from its job for the justification of appearances. In short, America’s millions of gun owning voters are still waiting for justice to be done before it will put to rest the Fast and Furious debacle.  In his push to make American great again, the pro-gun community as well as its anti-gun antagonists should pressure Donald Trump to have his Justice Department resolve one of the greatest gun scams ever created.  And haul its perpetrators before the C-SPAN cameras to show the world what criminal negligence really looks like.

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