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Antelope Hunting VIDEOS

Pronghorn Bow Hunting Behind Horses, 4:46 min.

North American Hunter’s Mark Kayser sets his sights on South Dakota pronghorn. See how Kayser uses a horse to get within bow range of a pronghorn.

Public Land WY Antelope Hunting “EAST BOUND”, 7:29 min.

On the way back to ND from their 2014 Montana Elk Hunt, Steve and Shayne stopped in Wyoming in hopes of filling their two antelope tags. With a lot of hunters on opening weekend and and an average unit that has 100% draw, it can be tough to find good quality antelope. Watch as they try chase these “speed goats” in the sage brush of Wyoming.

DIY Public Land WY Antelope Hunt, 7:30 min.

Shayne’s Dad and Grandpa decided this was there year since Shayne had one year of antelope hunting under his belt. Watch along as Shayne’s 85 year old Grandpa and Dad look to harvest their first antelope. All done on public land with no guides.

Arizona Antelope Hunt a real B&C trophy, 8:15 min.

Come along with Jeff Jones as he takes a B&C record book antelope. Jeff enjoys this hunt of a lifetime with his dad Merlynn.

Wyoming Antelope Hunt, 15:50 min.

Hunting antelope is wide open spaces Wyoming can be more of a challenge than hunters expect. Improving one’s shooting abilities at the range before the hunt will help to avoid questionable shots.

Wyoming Antelope Hunt, 26:31 min.

Wyoming is the place to be for huge herds of antelope and multiple tags! The Harrod family heads to Wyoming with good friend Riley Pratt for a hunt that won’t soon be forgot. Riley takes an antelope with his bow, while Howard Harrod finds a tall horned buck on his rifle hunt. This episode has unbelievable hunting in the vast and beautiful Wyoming landscape.

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