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Antis’ Whinefest Goes to Court

Steve Comus

January 2, 2018 — Antis can’t stand the thought that their lackeys are not in power. So, what do they do? Whine in court.

If the stakes weren’t so serious, the antis’ antics would be comical. The most recent head-scratcher involves the antis going to court, asking federal judges to rule in their favor over their demands that the government provide them with information they want to use to influence unduly the appointments of federal judges even though such is the province of the executive branch of government and not some self-appointed political action gang of gun-grabbing leftists.

If the irony of that is lost at first blush, let’s put it another way: the anti-gunners want anti-gun judges to demand information that can be used to confuse the appointment/confirmation of pro-gun judges.

The subject here is that in December, the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed a lawsuit after the Trump Administration refused to disclose records that would reveal the extent of the Administration’s coordination with the National Rifle Association of America in the selection of nominees for appointments to federal judgeships.

“We’ve demanded that the administration turn over any records that show the gun lobby’s attempts to influence who gets named to the federal courts because the public deserves and needs to know who is calling the shots on judges,” Giffords’ group said.  “Because the administration has stonewalled us on producing these records, we’ve had no choice but to meet them in court.”

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and her husband, Mark Kelly, founded the Giffords organization.

The lawsuit was filed against the Department of Justice after the agency did not respond to Freedom of Information Act requests, the antis noted.  Those requests sought records in an effort to find out if the gun lobby had a role in directing the Trump Administration’s judicial picks to fill over 100 federal court vacancies.

Guess what? After the NRA delivered the presidency to Trump, does anyone think they might not be talking in Trump’s ear when it comes to judges he appoints? It’s politics, folks. Get real. Get a life.

The Giffords’ lawsuit is little more than a publicity stunt. That’s about all the antis have left since their cronies no longer control Congress and the White House. They not only don’t care that the people have spoken, but they also want to stick a sharp stick right in the eyes of the electorate as punishment for having gone against them.

There is no question that judicial appointments have consequences, as do elections. Wait a minute, who is it who pointed out that “elections have consequences?” None other than anti-gunner, then-President Obama. Yes, Barack, you were right on that one. The difference is that the shoe is on the other foot now and the antis are whining and squealing like stuck pigs.

Don’t misunderstand. This matter means virtually everything for the antis because it is their last best hope to obliterate the Second Amendment. When, not if, they lose this one, their dreams of domination are pretty much squashed.

None of this, of course, would be an issue for the antis had Hillary Clinton won. She no doubt would have appointed gun grabbing judges and the antis would have been euphoric. But the antis don’t mention that, do they? They gladly would have pardoned her for her crimes to be able to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

The truth is that there is a whole lot more at issue here than the Trump Administration, the NRA and who might be talking behind the scenes with or about prospective judges. I assume that those prospects are Constitutionalists. That matters. If the judges named are Constitutionalists, then it really doesn’t matter whether they are the darlings of the NRA – although if they are Constitutionalists, they likely would be supported by the NRA, so the question in the end is moot.

The antis desperately want activist judges who believe that the Constitution is an archaic document that no longer is relevant. Pro-gun interests understand that the Constitution means what it says and that it should be followed – in all matters, not just things that apply to guns.

That is why the antis and their lackeys in Congress were in such a tizzy during the confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, now an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

For anyone who thinks that was a dog-and-pony show as enemies of freedom attempted to block the appointment, just wait until there is another opening on the high court. For antis, it was bad enough that Gorsuch, who filled the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, is not anti-gun and pretty much continues the former “balance” on the court.

The real nightmare for the antis is that the logical next vacancy will open the door to appointment of still another Constitutionalist justice – tipping the scale decidedly more against them. Meanwhile, if the judges at the other levels also are Constitutionalists and are appointed for life, the future looks quite grim for those who would confiscate guns from the populace.

Frankly, it is rather pathetic to watch the antis cling tenuously to their delusion of relevance. They are the self-appointed elitists who insist on saving us from ourselves because they think that only they know what is good for us – and freedom is not one of those things for them.

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