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AR – HUNTING – Muzzleloader Double take

Jake Connelly of Cave Springs took in the breadth of the Arkansas deer hunting experience this season while taking two fabulous bucks. Connelly, a certified public accountant for Ozarks Electric Cooperative, killed an exceptional piney woods buck near Magnolia during the modern gun deer season in November. He filled his second buck tag on Dec. 12 with a muzzleloader in the Ozark Mountains in Franklin County near Chester. Instead of using a modern inline muzzleloader with a spitzer bullet, modern propellant and primer, he did it the old-fashioned way, with a traditional .54-caliber Hawken style rifle firing honest-to-goodness black powder and patched round ball. It’s a Pedersoli reproduction, a high-quality firearm that he bought on closeout at Cabela’s-Bass Pro Shops in Rogers. It’s the Rocky Mountain model with a highly-figured maple stock. “I love the old-school look and style, and I love the appeal of primitive hunting with a powder flask, patch and roundball,” Connelly said. The projectile is a round lead sphere that nestles inside a cloth patch that forms a barrier between the powder and ball. The patch also forms a seal to prevent gas from escaping around the ball edges. The rifling in the bore makes one full rotation in 65 inches, which is a really slow twist. As the ball travels down the rifle’s bore, the rifling engraves the ball and makes it spin, which stabilizes it in flight. The charge comes from 81 grains of Goex FFg black powder and a percussion cap. Few people use traditional black powder anymore. The only place Connelly found it was at David Rose Gun Shop in Farmington.  [full article]

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