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AR – HUNTING – No lifetime resident privileges for WMA duck hunts

If you buy a Lifetime Sportsman’s License and move out of state, then you must still buy a nonresident WMA permit to hunt waterfowl on wildlife management areas. This comes as a great surprise to people who bought the lifetime license believing that they could hunt as residents for the rest of their lives no matter where they live. It does, said Jim Goodhart, the Game and Fish Commission’s chief legal counsel, except for hunting waterfowl on wildlife management areas. For the purpose of hunting waterfowl on WMAs, Goodhart said, the Game and Fish Commission regards Lifetime Sportsmen’s License holders living out of state as nonresidents. That designation requires them to possess a nonresident WMA Waterfowl Hunting Permit, pursuant to Chapter 24.09 of the Arkansas Wildlife Code. That also means that nonresidents that hold lifetime licenses may only hunt waterfowl on WMAs for the first 10 days of the regular duck season, from Dec. 27-Jan. 5 of the following year, and from Jan. 22-31. The permits are good for five consecutive days. A Lifetime Sportsman’s License covers not only the cost of your hunting and fishing licenses, but also your state duck stamp. Goodhart said that lifetime license holders living out of state receive a nonresident duck stamp, denoting them as nonresidents. Their nonresident status subjects them to nonresident regulations and license requirements for hunting on WMAs, including having to buy the additional permit and the time limitations. “Your residency is at a given time,” Goodhart said. “If you’re living out of state, you are a nonresident. You are paid up at the rate that you gained when you bought it [the lifetime license]. You’ve paid all license and permit fees, but if you relocate, you don’t take permanent resident status with you.”  [full article]

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