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AR – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Ammo plant in full gear, exec says

Vista Outdoor, the company that recently purchased the Remington ammunition plant in Lonoke, said Thursday that integration of the Arkansas operation into its larger business is ahead of schedule and that it is hiring and training workers as quickly as possible to meet ammunition demand across the country. During a third-quarter earnings conference call, Chris Metz, chief executive officer of Vista Outdoor, said the company had done a remarkable job bringing Remington into the fold, noting the operation had to be brought up from essentially a cold start. Jason Vanderbrink, president of ammunition for Vista Outdoor, said the Lonoke operation is exceeding expectations and is hiring and training hundreds of workers and retraining those brought back from furlough. The Lonoke operation now has nearly 800 workers, a company spokesman said Thursday, nearly doubling its worker count from November. He said the company is continuing to hire and and train new workers to meet demand while being mindful of social distancing and other coronavirus precautions at the plant. Vista Outdoor was formed in 2015 when the sporting group of Alliant Techsystems Inc. was spun off. The company includes outdoor brands including optics and ammunition makers. It has 14 other manufacturing operations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In mid-October, Vista Outdoor, based in Minnesota, closed on its acquisition of Remington’s ammunition production facility, along with the Remington brand and trademarks. Vista Outdoor paid $81.4 million for the assets as part of Remington’s bankruptcy.  [full article]

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