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AR – OPINION – Gun run infuses cash into wildlife conservation

For a multitude of reasons, there is a bull market for firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies. According to a recent article written by Douglas McIntyre published in “24/7 Wall St.,” Americans bought more than 4.1 million firearms in January, a 60% increase from December. Total gun sales in 2020 were nearly 39.7 million, itself a 40% increase from 2019. Arkansas ranked 28th in gun sales in 2020, with 293,123 units sold through November. The article cited the civil unrest of summer 2020 as being a primary catalyst for the run on guns. Since 1992, gun sales spike whenever a Democrat is elected president over fears that person will ban gun ownership, impose prohibitive tax rates on firearms, sue the firearms industry into extinction or outlaw certain types of firearms, as the Brady Gun Bill was purported to do. This amuses me because the Brady Gun Bill exempted virtually every sporting firearm in existence, such as the Browning Automatic Rifle, all of Remington’s semi-automatics, all of Marlin’s semi-automatics, and so on. It did, on the other hand, eliminate the 20-round magazine that was once available for the Remington 742, which made it a potential battle rifle. An exception was 2016 when Donald Trump was elected. Gun sales topped 25 million, but that was an anomaly because everybody expected Hillary Clinton to win that election. As during much of the Obama administration, ammunition is very hard to find right now, as are gunpowder, bullets and primers for reloading. An unusual development is the scarcity of reloading dies, which parallels the component scarcity.BThe bull market in firearms represents a huge windfall to America’s wildlife. Through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 (the Pittman-Robertson Act), the federal government collects an 11% federal excise tax on retail sales of firearms, ammunition, optics, bows, crossbows and arrows.  [full article]


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