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AR – RETAILERS – Morality vs. legality: How firearm sales on Facebook are affecting the Arkansas gun market (VIDEO)

Second amendment rights remain at the forefront of the conversation among Arkansans- this includes talking about the private sale of firearms over some popular social media sites. However, a change in policy that limits selling firearms on these websites leaves some gun-owners wondering how to get around those rules to keep the secondhand market alive. Facebook banned the sale and trade of firearms back in 2016. That included anything from guns to certain types of bows, to explosives. But the policy didn’t entirely stop those who want to sell their firearms from doing so, it just forced them to think more creatively on how to do it, and it’s as easy as a couple of clicks, scrolls and a simple question: “Is this available?” Some gun owners in and around Arkansas are disguising selling their firearms by listing one thing for sale, like a gun case or holster, but offering another thing, like a gun, in their private messages. “I generally think that you should respect a private business’ decisions,” said Nathan House, general manager for Arkansas Armory. “But at the end of the day, I have to respect them for being creative and trying to find ways to still lawfully sell something that’s not against the law to sell,” House said. Arkansas Armory is a federally licensed firearm dealer. “It’s one of the things that you have to have in order to be able to have a business and selling, making money, making profit on firearms,” House said.  [full article]

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