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AR – RETAILERS – Walmart CEO Responds To Employee’s Petition To Stop Selling Guns

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon has responded to a petition calling on his company to stop selling guns in the wake of two mass shootings at the retailer’s stores. Thomas Marshall, a Walmart e-commerce employee based in San Bruno, California, recently organized a walk out of 30 employees to protest the company’s continued sale of firearms, and he also organized a petition that earned more than 129,000 signatures, which he e-mailed to McMillon. McMillon responded to the petition and e-mail, saying he appreciates that he and the other signees care about safety. He said that sales and profit “are not driving our decisions here,” and that the company is considering additional steps to react to the mass shooting epidemic. It might not surprise you to learn he didn’t promise to ban the sale of guns in his stores.  [full article]

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