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AR – TRAINING – AR teachers observe Marine training (VIDEO)

Teachers typically found in the classroom are getting hands-on experience of what it takes to be a United States Marine, undergoing the basics of marksmanship at the Camp Pendleton gun range. Beth Mathys is a Bauxite High School counselor. She is getting to participate in the week-long Educators’ Workshop in San Diego, California. “It’s been extremely educational and inspiring,” Mathys says. Beth says this experience will directly impact how she talks to her students about opportunities in the Marine Corps. “I think one of the things is there’s not a stereotypical student and that can be a Marine, it can be any student,” says Mathys. Cassie Harris is also on the gun range. She is the Career Technical Education teacher at Lakeside High School. She says she has learned there is much more to offer for recruits. “I’ve taken a lot back just to know there are a lot of opportunities,” Harris says. “It’s not just you are going to enlist and deploy.”  [full article]

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