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AR – TRAINING – Mastering the Arkansas Enhanced CHCL Qualification

There are two levels of Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry Licenses, as they are called in Arkansas. The basic license doesn’t have much of a proficiency requirement. The student just has to show that they are safe with a firearm, not really any actual proficiency. For the enhanced license, there is an actual qualification standard. It is still fairly basic, and given any decent skill level, it should be an easy standard to meet. This happens to be exactly the same as the Texas License to Carry qualification with the exception of the scoring. I guess they didn’t want to get too creative in Arkansas. Twenty percent of shots are at the 15-yard line, 40% are at 7 yards, and the remaining 40% are at 3 yards. Anything inside the 7 ring gets scored as a hit, and 35 hits are required to pass (70%). If you do the quick math, you will realize that technically every 15-yard shot can be missed and still pass. That is not what we are going for though, right? Hardly a high standard in the world of standards (see Lucky Gunner shoot the Texas version of the qualification blindfolded). That is not all bad, though. It means that people should be able to use whatever firearm they plan to actually carry to shoot the qualification. Carry a Ruger LCP or other micro gun, well that is what you should shoot the qualification with.  [full article]

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