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Archery’s First Shots: Our Spin On Antelope Hunting

MONTANA-WILD.COM From the Archives – We’re fresh to the antelope hunting game. This was our second year but we both were able to fill our tags with a bow. It wasn’t easy but is definitely achievable for the everyday hunter. Rather than tell you my story of my hunt I figured I’d write down my advice, tips, and insight on what we’ve learned about antelope hunting.  Much of it is common sense but hopefully you might be able to learn something that will help you be successful if you choose to go after antelope with a bow. Nothing is absolute in hunting, so take these with a grain of salt and, as always, experience is the best teacher.

1.  In case you forgot antelope can see extremely well.  This seems to be their #1 defense from predators.

2.  If an antelope sees you once, your chances of getting to within bow range are slim to none.

3.  Stalking an antelope in your socks is the most silent and generally best method to close the gap.

4.  In rolling open country your much better off cover lots of country in your truck and trying to locate them from afar.  Hiking around is preferable if you know there are goats around but often you can cover many many miles without a sighting and hiking in 80-90 degree heat will drain you physically and mentally very quick.

5.  Your truck is easily picked up by antelope from very long distances.  If they see your truck they will be more alert and your chances of getting close diminish.  Strategically using your truck to get to new areas and then using your feet to move into good positions to glass lots of country is key.  [full article]

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