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ATF leads the charge against stolen gun trend (VIDEO)

WKRN.COM September 19, 2019 –  The numbers are staggering.

Metro police saw a 70-percent jump in guns from stolen cars between 2016 and 2018. Statewide, the TBI saw an 85-percent increase in guns stolen from cars and trucks between 2016 and 2017. Nationwide, nearly half a million guns are stolen every year.

All of those stolen guns are the responsibility of one agency, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the ATF. Whether its criminals breaking into gun stores or kids breaking into cars stealing guns, the tip of the spear in the war to stop gun theft is the ATF.

“You know Bob, I don’t know if it’s a war that you ever win.”

An honest answer to a huge problem.

There is also a huge gun owner responsibility problem. Unsecured weapons left in cars are being stolen at alarming numbers at alarming numbers.

From January to August of this year, Metro police reported 465 guns stolen from cars.

“Legal firearms owners cannot leave their firearms in cars,” said Watson.

“The United States has firearms… I would not say problem, but there is a wealth of firearms in the United States,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Marcus Watson.

That’s more than twice the number of guns stolen from cars just a year earlier.

“They are in and out in a short period of time and that gun has gone from legal ownership now it’s out on the street and it’s being used to harm law enforcement or a law-abiding citizen,” said Watson.

In states like Tennessee, fewer gun laws do not necessarily result in more gun crimes.

“Chicago’s got a gun problem but Illinois has very restrictive gun laws  Memphis has got a gun problem but the state of Tennessee does not have very strong firearms laws, it’s a pro-second amendment state so there is no one size fits all,” said Watson.  [Read More]

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